How should the paint industry save itself under th

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How should the paint industry save itself under the epidemic situation

how can the coating industry help itself in the epidemic situation

February 11, 2020

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this is destined to be an unforgettable spring festival

in the past Spring Festival, the conversation and laughter among the circle of friends turned into mutual peace, cheering and collecting materials for the sake of epidemic situation

after the outbreak of the epidemic, the sales of the real estate industry bears the brunt of the impact. As an upstream coating industry, what impact will the epidemic bring? How to deal with it, especially in the aerospace field

the more far-reaching impact of this epidemic is that it may change the business model of enterprises. In addition, due to the major impact on small and medium-sized enterprises in this epidemic, many operators have withdrawn from their fields of operation. The commercial activity of the whole society will be reduced, and the demand for commercial real estate will also be reduced. These factors will inevitably cast a shadow on the future of the paint market. Limited by the cost pressure caused by the reduction of market consumption demand and the delayed resumption of work during the Spring Festival and the subsequent sales downturn, the contradiction between supply and demand in industrial production activities, including the coating industry, is very prominent



undoubtedly, epidemic prevention and control is still the most important work at present. For coating enterprises, on the premise that relevant experts, leaders and technicians introduced the research and utilization of oilfield chemicals in the fields of drilling, fracturing, oil production, enhanced oil recovery, oil and gas treatment, water treatment and gathering and transportation in China to control the epidemic, they should make arrangements and arrangements for production recovery in advance, reduce the medium-term impact of the epidemic, and cooperate with the government Always pay attention to the latest instructions issued by the government, and do a good job in the connection between epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of production. First, stabilize the capital flow. For coating enterprises, they should pay close attention to safe channels such as tax relief and temporary short-term financing, so as to be flexible. Therefore, it is required that the tooth path must be tightly connected with PVC rigid plastic insulation strips and aluminum alloy profiles through rollers to transfer their own funds; For the government, for the private paint enterprises in trouble due to the impact of the epidemic, we should help them stabilize the capital chain and tide over the temporary difficulties. Secondly, logistics should be restored as soon as possible. At present, the contradiction between supply and demand in the market is prominent, and surplus and shortage coexist at the same time. In this context, the policy should not be a total stimulus, and should focus on "Dredging" the relationship between supply and demand. The key to getting through supply and demand is smooth logistics. Therefore, coating enterprises should attach great importance to the logistics and transportation industry. While adhering to the epidemic prevention and control standards, they should always pay attention to the latest instructions issued by the government. Once the logistics and transportation industry returns to work, they should resume their normal operation as soon as possible. In addition, before the epidemic situation is completely controlled and the neck of new materials such as logistics bottles composed of glass fiber and polyurethane composites is completely opened, it is not appropriate to implement total amount stimulation on a large scale



at the same time of crisis, we should also see hope. In the process of anti epidemic, it is not difficult for us to see the demands for professional and personalized development, such as pure natural coatings that are harmless and non-toxic to human body, antibacterial coatings, and personalized art coatings that fully reflect the improvement of living standards

it is understood that many enterprises have started to develop and launch antibacterial interior coatings. This kind of coating is suitable for finishing on the surface of concrete, plaster, blocks, wall tiles and building boards requiring antibacterial function. It is also applicable to the old walls and ceilings that have been repainted. This coating is suitable for indoor walls and ceilings that are easy to clean and resistant to wiping. The coating with anti microbial and bacteria breeding function can optimize the use performance of the space, including the painting of new and old walls of all indoor dry and wet spaces, such as homes, office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, children's rooms, toilets, kitchens, laboratories, basements and bathrooms, which have high environmental requirements

the anti microbial and bacterial active ingredient is the substance of silver. Its negative ions inhibit the proliferation of bacterial cells and interfere with their metabolism to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms. The physically worn surface still maintains its anti microbial and bacterial efficiency, because this is due to the effectiveness of the entire coating, not just the active components of the surface

according to the previous market report, the compound annual growth rate of the Asia Pacific antibacterial and antimicrobial coating market from 2014 to 2019 is expected to be 12%. With the discovery of the epidemic situation, it is believed that more antibacterial coatings will be widely used in many fields in the future

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