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How powerful are the precision reducers for industrial robots monopolized by Japan

the precision reducers for industrial robots in the world are basically monopolized by Japan. In recent years, although there are mass-produced RV reducers in China, few domestic robot enterprises choose them. At present, the reducers in the Chinese market are generally 3 Regular lubrication of mechanical parts depends on imports


as a traditional manufacturing power, the reducer products of Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries are in the leading position in the industry in terms of materials, design level, quality control, precision, power density, reliability and service life

in the field of mechanical transmission, the reducer is an intermediate device connecting the power source and the actuator. Usually, it uses the high-speed power of the motor, internal combustion engine, etc. through the pinion on the input shaft to mesh with the large gear on the output shaft to achieve the purpose of deceleration and transmit greater torque

driven by the development of high-energy consumption buildings such as aerospace, robots and medical devices, the demand for high-performance precision reducers with simple and compact structure, high power transmission, low noise and stable transmission has increased. Among them, RV Reducer and harmonic reducer are two important types of precision reducers

precision reducer is a kind of power transmission mechanism, which uses the speed converter of gear to decelerate the rotation number of motor to the required rotation number and obtain a larger torque

▲ nabtesco reducer

at present, there are not many precision reducer manufacturers that can provide large-scale and reliable performance in the world. The vast majority of the market share is occupied by Japanese Enterprises: nabtesco RV Reducer accounts for about 60%, harmonica harmonic reducer accounts for about 15%, and Sumitomo heavy industry (Sumitomo, the proportion is not found). Especially in the field of robotics, the application proportion is overwhelming

▲ disassemble the internal structure of the precision reducer

nabtesco (nabtesco) is a strong combination of two Japanese companies, Teijin Jingji and naboc (the first automatic door in Japan was produced in 1956). As manufacturers of motion control systems and parts, the two companies have mastered high-end core technologies in their specific business areas and controlled a large market share

as the world's largest manufacturer of precision cycloid pin gear reducers, nabtesco produces high-performance reducers, hollow shaft reducers, and single axis servo actuators and controllers

its precision equipment has high torque, high rigidity and high overload impact load resistance, as well as high precision and very low return clearance. It is widely used in industrial automation fields such as satellites, radar antennas, industrial robots, semiconductors and welding technology

▲ precision reducer for each joint of industrial robot

Japanese Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. (hdsi) is a leading enterprise in overall motion control. Its harmonic drive combined harmonic reducer has the characteristics of light weight, small size, no gear clearance, high torque capacity, etc., and is widely used in industrial robots, humanoid robots, semiconductor liquid crystal production devices, photovoltaic equipment, optical instruments Precision machine tools and other cutting-edge fields

▲ internal structure of harmonic reducer

in order to cover the low reduction ratio field that harmonic reducer can not achieve, hdsi products also involve precision planetary gear box harmonic reducer. The unique deformation process of the inner gear ring can make the planetary gear mesh tighter and eliminate the back clearance, and the transmission error has reached the precision level

▲ Harmonic Planetary Gears harmonic drive reducer is a kind of gear transmission system that uses the wave generator to make the flexible gear produce controllable elastic deformation, mesh with the rigid gear, and transfer motion and power from the beginning

▲ Harmonic Planetary Gears

Sumitomo of Japan is a construction machinery manufacturer under Sumitomo Group, one of the world's top 500 with a history of more than 400 years. Sumitomo products developed the first hydraulic excavator with its own technology in 1967. At present, Sumitomo hydraulic excavators are active all over the world

▲ Sumitomo reducer

Sumitomo reducer includes various models of reducer, such as Sumitomo large helical gear reducer, Sumitomo planetary gear reducer, Sumitomo helical gear reducer, Sumitomo worm gear reducer, etc. The reduction ratio is large and the efficiency is high. The needle tooth meshing system has sleeve type rolling friction, and the meshing surface has no relative sliding. The primary reduction efficiency can reach 94%


as a pinnacle of the precision machinery industry, the technical threshold of the reducer is very high. The RV Reducer is completely composed of high-precision components, and the gears mesh with each other, which puts forward high requirements for material science, precision processing equipment, processing accuracy, assembly technology and high-precision detection technology

most domestic enterprises' R & D data are obtained through reverse engineering, and they are fully aware of it but do not know why. Therefore, although some domestic enterprises have made major breakthroughs in technical level, there are difficulties in R & D of domestic reducers in precision retention, precision life and product life. Various difficulties lead to poor consistency of domestic reducers and low reproducibility among products

on the other hand, the equipment for processing and manufacturing reducer parts is very expensive. For example, the unit price of meigeller surface grinder is nearly ten million yuan. Without sufficient production support, the amortization cost of equipment is frighteningly high

the cost of domestic precision reducer is higher than that of foreign competitors, but the performance is worse than that of competitors. Of course, the sales volume is not good, and it is impossible to achieve scale effect and achieve profit. Without profit and batch, there will be no sufficient resources for technological improvement, exploration and R & D, no way to form quality control, and no way to improve technology and performance

at present, there are two kinds of reducers used in the robot field, one is RV Reducer, the other is harmonic reducer. In articulated robots, because the RV Reducer has higher stiffness and rotation accuracy, the RV Reducer is generally placed at the position of heavy load such as base, boom and shoulder, while the harmonic reducer is placed at the forearm, wrist or hand

Japan has an absolute leading edge in terms of high-precision robot reducers. At present, 75% of the precision reducers in the global robot industry are seriously restricted by Japan's nabtesco and ha. The two monopolies of rmonicdrive (commonly known as RV Reducer and harmonic reducer in the industry) can continue to develop. The reducers of International mainstream robot manufacturers such as abb, FANUC and KUKA are provided by the above two companies

only plastic bottle manufacturers who have been engaged in relevant production for a long time in the industry will know more. According to the Ministry, abb, FANUC, Yaskawa, KUKA and other international mainstream robot manufacturers are all provided with reducers by the above two Japanese companies, and they have very strict conditions for cooperation with the two companies, that is, they cannot use other products when using the products of the two companies, otherwise the cooperation relationship will be terminated

core parts have always restricted the rapid development of Chinese robots. If we want to form robot industrialization, get rid of the constraints of foreign robot enterprises, and win autonomy in the robot field, we must accelerate the localization of reducer on the agenda

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