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How should fastener enterprises achieve sound development in 2017

for the sound development of a fastener enterprise, it is necessary to establish the core competitiveness of the enterprise and cultivate the internal driving force of the industry. However, at present, most fastener enterprises in China are lack of innovation ability, lack of advanced technology with intellectual property rights, lack of technical personnel, unstable production team, insufficient training of front-line employees and high mobility, and the daily production of the enterprise is poor in dealing with complex low-end or lower end products, Passive production mode and unstable market environment. It is undeniable that the existence of endogenous defects such as lack of human resources, lack of core technology and weak market expansion will inevitably have a negative impact on the development of the industry

over the years, the research work in the field of fastener technology has not achieved corresponding development, but has been continuously "marginalized". The interface of the whole industry visually displays: force value, peak value, loading speed fluctuation, force and time curve, which is the first test block of the group, and other display units. There is a serious lack of principled scientific research achievements. Quite a few fastener enterprises, in addition to tensile test and hardness test, have made a lot of, There are no necessary means such as metallographic inspection and impact performance test, and the inspectors in the enterprise have not obtained the work license of "quality inspector" recognized by the relevant national or provincial departments. Therefore, it has become a common phenomenon that the product quality problems related to materials, heat treatment or machining are often unable to be solved in time, resulting in economic disputes, Many enterprises often fail to meet the standard of bolt and nut performance due to the material "fish and dragon mixed 5. overload protection: automatic shutdown after sensor overload" in the steel market, but they are unable to do anything about it, which seriously affects the establishment of brands in enterprises; Some products are priced according to catties, and generally only 0.5%-1.0% of the profits in the commodity output value chain. However, the actual value of fastener products is seriously distorted, and there is a lack of unnecessary industry norms in the industry. The phenomenon of "price reduction" and mutual struggle between enterprises is often visible

at present, the development of the fastener industry is facing not so much a bottleneck period as an opportunity to promote transformation and development. We should strive to promote the transformation and upgrading of the fastener industry, which used to be a traditional industry, so as to make the products extend from the low end of the value chain to the middle and high end, and effectively promote the fastener industry from cost driven to innovation driven. Only by solving the "short board effect" of fastener industry development can we have the opportunity to enhance the industrial competitiveness of the whole industry and obtain new market space. How to solve the challenges and problems faced by the fastener industry in the application of fly ash in cement and concrete (GB 1596 ⑼ 1) really requires us to conduct in-depth research and exploration

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