How should enterprises in the home furnishing indu

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How should enterprises in the home furnishing industry meet the challenge of the new retail trend

how should enterprises in the home furnishing industry meet the challenge of the new retail trend

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the new retail has impacted the home furnishing industry with a sweeping trend. It is an urgent question to think about how the home furnishing industry should meet this challenge. New retail is a retail mode that integrates online and offline logistics based on the network and through the use of new technologies, artificial intelligence and other application means. So is it true that the integration of online and offline retail can be called "new retail"? What kind of retail model is the Internet new home building? Or the following complete sets of testing technologies, such as sampling testing, steel chemical composition analysis, coating testing, building engineering materials, waterproof materials testing, and energy-saving testing, can give you some inspiration

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how should enterprises in the home furnishing industry meet this challenge when the new retail trend impacts

Online + offline = Internet new home

in recent years, many Internet home enterprises have accelerated the layout of offline experience stores, made use of the network platform + physical store model, opened up online and offline, and embarked on the road of deep integration of online and offline, so as to gradually implement new retail. Original design and home furnishing brand creation have also entered the new retail ranks. This year, many Internet home decoration platforms began to actively explore cooperation with offline home decoration companies, indicating that the new retail curtain of the home decoration industry has also been opened

logistics + Internet home = new retail

with the advent of the new retail era of home furnishings, the requirements for logistics have also increased. According to insiders, furniture products are non-standard products, which require higher, more complex and more professional logistics services. At the same time, installation, after-sales maintenance and other capabilities should be considered, which is a major test for traditional logistics. Only by truly combining offline and online logistics can we bring more benefits to the enterprise

experience store model + furniture store = sense of identity

the consumption habits and preferences of post-80s and post-90s consumers decide that they pay more attention to the consumption experience and provide better consumption experience and emotional satisfaction, not only to cater to the tastes of the new generation of consumers, but also a factor that can not be ignored in the new retail. "You + life hall" makes furniture stores no longer simply sell furniture, but also sit down to have a cup of coffee, chat, read a book or experience quietly. A researcher has built a prototype of self folding printable equipment to see the future home with VR technology. This model of experience store makes consumers feel more relaxed and close to life, and obtain emotional and psychological satisfaction and recognition

new technology + Intelligence = attraction

at the new retail outlet, Internet, virtual technology, artificial intelligence, etc. have gradually entered the home industry. Some stores and home decoration companies have begun to introduce vr/ar technology, smart home products or packages, enabling new technology to enable new retail, shortening the distance between home brands and consumers, and striving to improve and meet new consumer needs. As the post-80s and post-90s consumers of components such as automotive sealing rings, transmission thrust washers, spherical joint sleeves, injection molded gears and sliding components of steering systems have become the mainstream of decoration, more and more home decoration enterprises have also noticed the use of new technologies and smart home packages to attract young consumers according to their consumption needs and preferences

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