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Enlightenment of Samsung brand strategy on Chinese home appliance brands

due to the homogenization of product technology, we have to fight an endless vicious price war. Chinese home appliance brands should spare no effort when using them at ordinary times, so we envy the super price overflow ability of foreign brands, especially European, American and Japanese brands. It has become a dream for domestic brands to establish a high-end and high-value brand image and make the brand have a higher premium ability. Samsung's successful strategy to enhance brand value is undoubtedly a bright light in the dark for Chinese brands who are eager to improve their brand premium ability and escape the misunderstanding of vicious price war

five years ago, we might think that Korean electronic brands are always inferior to Japanese brands. If we buy color TVs, we should either buy the most expensive Japanese brands or simply buy domestic brands at a low price; Three years ago, even if I really felt that South Korea's Samsung was advanced in function and beautiful in style, business people and fashionable men and women were embarrassed to hold it in their hands, and they didn't think the grade of Samsung brand was high. This is caused by historical reasons. South Korea is a rising star in the electronics industry. The "sense of value, prestige, high-end" and "high-tech image" of Japanese, European and American brands are far ahead of South Korean brands. However, if you are a conscientious person in life, you will find that all these are quietly changing. Korean brands, especially Samsung, have successfully achieved brand transcendence, established a high sense of brand value, made the brand have a high premium ability, and occupied a place in the field of high-end consumer electronics, communication products and it products. Nowadays, Samsung has become the choice of many middle and high-income people. Samsung's recording pen and MP3 player have become the new favorites of people. Samsung notebook computers are sought after by white-collar workers for their beautiful appearance and unprecedented fingerprint boot functions. These products with advanced functions and beautiful styles also constantly make people feel the "high-end sense, fashion sense and advanced digital technology" of Samsung brand

you may think it is a little rash for the author to conclude that Samsung has successfully established the brand value of "high-end, fashionable and e-Oriented" by relying solely on this market intuition and the excellent market performance of three or two products. However, after taking a look at the 2001 list of the world's most valuable brands jointly evaluated by BusinessWeek and Interbrand, we have to pay deep tribute to Samsung's successful brand value promotion strategy. The ranking shows that Samsung's brand value has increased from US $5.2 billion last year to US $6.374 billion, an increase of about 22%, far exceeding its competitors in the electronics industry. At present, its brand value has ranked second among the world's electronics enterprises. (Sony still ranks first in the electronics industry, with a brand value of $15billion, while the famous Philips fell from $5.48 billion in 2000 to $4.9 billion, while Panasonic fell from $3.73 billion to $3.49 billion). With the sharp rise in brand value, the benefits of Samsung Electronics are also growing. In 2000, Samsung Electronics' total revenue was $34.3 billion, sales reached $28billion, pre tax income was $6.6 billion, and net income was $4.9 billion

however, just a few years ago, whether Samsung could survive was a focus of attention for all Koreans. Just standing on the world semiconductor stage in 1995, Samsung group did not get rid of the haze of industrial recession, and its profit fell sharply from $3.2 billion in 1995 to $190million in 1996. In 1997, the situation turned sharply downward again, the Asian financial crisis broke out, and large chaebols in South Korea went bankrupt one after another. At this time, Samsung Group's debt has exceeded 200%, and it is actually on the verge of bankruptcy

all this is mainly attributed to Samsung's forward-looking strategic vision, which has adapted to the wave of digitalization, restructured the industrial structure and launched a new brand strategy. The core of the new brand strategy is to modify the brand identity, make the brand identity adapt to the strategy of marching into high-end digital products and pursuing high added value, and inject new elements such as "e company, leader of digital technology, high-end, high-value, fashion" into the brand. "Samsung will continue to develop in China, and the next five years will be particularly important. China will become the second fully competitive market outside the United States. We should step out of the original strategy of establishing a production base based on low-cost labor, actively explore a brand center strategy based on advanced and personalized products, and make Samsung brand enter the ranks of China's most famous brands by 2005." This is a speech made by Lee Kun hee, President of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., at the "strategy meeting of the President Group in the electronic field" held in Shanghai years ago, which truly reflects the new thinking of Samsung Electronics' excellent brand strategy

the booster rocket for brand improvement - create a high value-added product framework

the best carrier to reflect the new brand strategy and new recognition is the product. Samsung's brand value has made this great progress mainly because it has timely adjusted its product strategy and implemented a global unified marketing and advertising strategy. "Novel products, fashionable design, simple operation and convenient use" have become the distinctive characteristics of Samsung. One of the most basic characteristics of global marketing strategy is to show the colorful characteristics of Samsung products

vice president of Samsung global market operations, When summing up the reasons for Samsung brand appreciation, Mr. Eric Kim pointed out: "The most important thing for us to succeed is to learn from our competitors' marketing strategy of 'cooler than you'. Our goal is to optimize the existing digital technology to make it more suitable for our products, so as to meet people's visual and sensory needs. By entering the digital field, we firmly believe that we can compete with household appliance manufacturers worldwide and finally win."

Samsung Electronics, which is always at the forefront of technology and fashion, continues to innovate and is the carrier of Samsung's brand image that can best show "fashion, high-end, technology leading, e-Oriented" products. Samsung launched the first sgh-a288 with dual screen display function in the Chinese market. Its unique external screen design can not only display information such as time, date, signal strength and battery allowance, but also easily allow users to see the incoming call number without flipping. At the end of 2001, the new model of sch-x350 was launched, and its natural and harmonious ring tone has become a new selling point. This newly developed melody, which uses progressive 16 chords, can produce beautiful and realistic ringtones, which is very different from the current common mechanical ringtones

Samsung's ultra-thin notebook computers, new concept DVD products and world-class Samsung monitors also vividly reflect Samsung's new brand identity. Samsung's characteristic product - NV 5000 ultra-thin notebook computer, an ultra-light and ultra-thin notebook computer with a thickness of only 21 mm and a weight of 2.9 pounds, is not only exquisite and fashionable in appearance, but also very powerful in function. The spring testing machine is made according to the technical requirements of the spring tension and compression testing machine. The powerful auxiliary function of optional accessories (MP3 earpiece, 350K digital camera) not only makes it convenient for netizens, but also makes computer enthusiasts full of praise

Samsung has accurately found the development prospect of "pursuing fashion, elegance and enjoyment, showing personal taste and becoming the mainstream of consumption in the Chinese market" Notebook computers, DVDs, and monitors are just a microcosm. MP3, digital recording pens, watches, digital video cameras, digital televisions, digital Superman, and CD recorders are all booster rockets for the promotion of Samsung Electronics' brand value

the advertising and public relations communication strategy based on brand-new brand recognition

launched a new industrial brand "Samsung knows the digital world", highlighting the characteristics of Samsung as an "e-company"

since the beginning of 2000, Samsung Electronics has launched a series of digital brand promotion activities in China, launching many new digital products and a brand-new slogan - "Samsung digital:everyone''s invited"; For example, at the "Samsung digital outlook conference" held at the Kerry Center in Beijing, consumer interaction sent a team "yepparty", Samsung welcomed the Olympic Games "Tianjin 10000 long-distance race", Samsung consumers were rewarded with "free to watch the Sydney Olympic Games", China South Korea football match and "the first Samsung digital Superman trials". As the official sponsor of the IOC wireless communication, Samsung Electronics will become the first major sponsor of all Olympic programs of Phoenix Satellite TV in the next three years, contributing to the successful preparation and hosting of the Olympic Games in Beijing. Samsung Electronics will work with Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV to jointly launch a large-scale special program with 10 themes, "entering 2008 - Samsung China Olympic Games"

choose the star who is "youth, vitality and fashion" and is popular with "young people" as the image spokesperson

Samsung cleverly uses the star strategy in order to abandon the low value-added brand connotation and the brand image of traditional electrical appliances as soon as possible. Stars Zheng Yijian and Chen Huilin, who are "young, energetic, fashionable and extremely popular among young people", are selected as the spokesmen of Samsung's image, effectively grafting the star temperament onto the brand, so that consumers' views on Samsung in a short time change from the original "low-grade, old-fashioned and outdated" to the new image of "high-end and fashionable"

Zheng Yijian's cool and handsome long hair, deep eyes, and a shy and charming smile give birth to the image of a beautiful teenager, with more extraordinary acting talent. In the film "Introduction to Tokyo", Zheng Yijian plays a veiled mysterious figure - "dragon", showing his extraordinary popularity and charm. Not only is it very popular in the Chinese circle, but it is also a Star chaser in South Korea. After Zheng shot the Samsung anycall advertisement, because the advertisement was not released in South Korea, Zheng Yijian's Korean fans came to the Samsung station to protest one after another. This shows the popularity of Zheng Yijian in South Korea. Chen Huilin, her charming appearance and model's figure will be deeply impressed by those who have met her. At one time, her deja vu face was considered to be Lin's ideal testing equipment for wood-based panel manufacturers and quality inspection departments, and the ingenious combination of Qingxia and Faye Wong, Someone once commented on Chen Huilin - "beautiful appearance and excellent creativity, never tired of looking at faces, always have new feelings of music, regardless of appearance or unique connotation, are deeply welcomed by fans and fans, models, singers, actors, in all fields are blooming with dazzling brilliance, she is a real star, she is Chen Huilin". It can be seen that the temperament of Zheng Yijian and Chen Huilin comes down in one continuous line with the brand image of Samsung

set up Samsung digital experience pavilion to vividly show the cutting-edge technology and beautiful digital life of Samsung digital

Samsung digital experience pavilions in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have been opened. As one of the brand creation plans of "Samsung digital world", Samsung's first digital experience Pavilion set up overseas - Samsung digital experience pavilion was born in Zhongguancun, Beijing in November 2000. This digital experience pavilion with metal brackets, portholes, spacecraft and integrated circuits has attracted countless curious eyes since it appeared in Hailong building

in this digital library for people to experience the future world, people can touch and use the world's cutting-edge digital concept products and molding products: including MP3 players, digital video cameras, digital cameras, digital recording pens, 100 Hz 52 Inch back projection color TV that can be used as a display, and can watch

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