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The Enlightenment of Chinese traditional thought and culture on modern enterprise management

Chinese traditional culture and thought have had an important impact on many large entrepreneurs at home and abroad. The solution is to check whether the power line connected to the experimental machine is connected properly; Check whether the emergency stop switch is screwed up; Check whether the power supply voltage connected to the experimental machine is normal; Check whether the fuse on the socket of the machine burns out. As a modern enterprise manager, while learning from western modern management concepts, he should also start from China's national conditions, absorb its essence from the 5000 year old excellent traditional ideas, and creatively apply it to enterprise management

our ancestors had the ancient motto of "self-cultivation, family harmony, governing the country and pacifying the world" thousands of years ago. Why did the ancients put self-cultivation in the first place? The truth is to behave in advance. To be a person in advance is a golden rule for dealing with people and working life. To succeed in life, we must first cultivate internal skills and improve our moral cultivation. If you are a person with rich connotation and noble morality, people will be willing to associate and cooperate with you. In other words, you are easy to succeed

hardness and softness - the method of enterprise management

in the process of inheriting the civilization of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, it has always advocated "overcoming hardness with softness" and "combining hardness and softness". Its essence is to be easy-going and modest in dealing with the world. This machine is mostly used in the tension experiment of metals and their materials. When it is hard, it is hard, and when it is conceded, it is by no means a man's courage. This is an open-minded ideological realm

throughout history, it is not difficult to find that people who are often too sharp are easy to be conquered and used by gentle people. Like a boulder falling on a pile of cotton, the cotton is not only undamaged, on the contrary, the hard stone is easily wrapped by cotton. Defeat the strong with the strong, and both lose; Overcome hardness with softness, and you will soon succeed. People with strong personalities are in a good mood, and emotional excitement is easy to make people lose their senses. It is conceivable that irrational people cannot do reasonable and legitimate things

"combining hardness and softness" is the use of wisdom to deal with people skillfully, and it is also an effective means of enterprise management. This is true between individuals and between teams. Softness is the way of nature, and softness is also the way to cultivate oneself, and softness is also the way to govern the world

harmony -- the magic weapon of enterprise prosperity

modern international academic recognition: Confucius is the ancient sage who advocated harmony most. Ancient sages were good at connecting different things for research and application, paying attention to the harmony between people, between people and groups, between groups, and even between people and nature

harmony generates wealth. The key is the word "harmony". It must be emphasized that the importance of harmony is not only reflected in the ability to make money, but also permeates all aspects of our social life. Looking at the past and present, everyone who has made achievements in his career is open-minded, magnanimous, and has a "peace is the most valuable" attitude in life; And those who measure narrowly are not only bad for others, but also bad for themselves. Wise philosophers in history have proved that a small bellied chicken like Pang Juan, who was jealous of virtue and ability, finally defeated Maling Dao and made the world laugh

Lin Xiangru in Chinese history, for the sake of long-term peace and stability of the country, made Lian Po three concessions, and finally made Lian Po convinced. The famous Beijing Opera "general Xianghe" reflects the story between them, which has been praised by the world for thousands of years. In the market, there is also the meaning of gain and loss, and is the premise, gain and loss is the goal. On the premise of harmony, win-win is a good business. A single win business cannot last long and grow. A single win is a short sum, a false sum, a superficial sum, and a camouflaged sum. This type of sum, at present, wins. In essence, it is completely lost, lost in integrity, lost in virtue

square circle - the external image of the enterprise silicate: talc powder, clay, mica, asbestos, calcium silicate, montmorillonite, bentonite, glass beads, glass fiber

"take the image from money, the outer circle inside." This is the motto given to his son by the famous Chinese educator Huang Yanpei. It means that people should behave like copper coins, with square holes inside and round outside. The outside is round and the inside is not hypocritical and smooth. It is the essence of humanities accumulated by China's fine traditions for thousands of years, and it is the most personality embodiment of China's social conscience

"circle" represents curve, which is visually aesthetic. Circle can reduce resistance and represent smoothness. When we work in the workplace, our colleagues often disagree on how to deal with some issues. If we fight unprincipled, it will inevitably hurt our harmony; On the contrary, if we treat people like spring breeze, often think in other places, and face differences with a smile, we will win the respect and trust of our colleagues

"Fang" is the independence of personality, "Fang" is the independence of sentiment, "Fang" is the perfection and Realization of self-worth, "Fang" is the unremitting pursuit of beautiful ideals. Sharp edges and corners represent steadiness; Being firm and persistent should become our working attitude

if you can do this well in life and work, you will feel comfortable and confident when working

the golden mean - the fundamental of enterprise positioning

the golden mean is the essence of Confucius' thought. Confucius said, "if you are in harmony, the world will be great; if you are in harmony, the world will reach the Tao. If you are in harmony, the world will be in its place and everything will be cultivated." Confucius elaborated the way of being impartial and not going to extremes, believing that it will make all people in heaven and earth have their own positions and places; Everything grows and prospers

with the difference of HV content, the book ZTE - the golden mean of comprehensively dispersing enterprise risks makes people admire Hou Weigui's golden mean of operating enterprises, "not biased is medium, not easy is mediocre", "buckle its two ends, and adhere to it". This is the golden mean, which has been applied to enterprise management and achieved the success of ZTE for 20 years

ZTE is a giant of China's communications. It is called "Great China" together with Julong, Datang and Huawei. It has been famous in the industry for adhering to the "cow" culture. Its "forest principle" and "low-cost attempt" principles represent ZTE's enterprise epistemology and methodology respectively, so that enterprises can effectively avoid uncertainties in operation and seize every opportunity. It not only embodies an oriental value, but also shows the three-dimensional dynamic picture of the penetration process and interaction of this value to the organizational structure, R & D field, market end, cultural atmosphere and other cells of the enterprise. It is a typical application of the golden mean in Chinese enterprises

Panasonic, as the leader of Japanese enterprises, also highly advocates the golden mean. It believes that advocating the golden mean is to promote honesty, leniency and politeness; We should not be biased, compromise or give up principles, but focus on social interests, and observe and deal with problems from a long-term and comprehensive perspective. (end)

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