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Reliable and cost-effective enko series die-cutting machines

the economical enko series die-cutting machines sold by cava Co., Ltd. in the UK have two types: automation and plastic granulator. The tasks of energy conservation and pollution prevention are particularly urgent. They are semi-automatic. They have a variety of models, which can meet the needs of most customers. In addition, if customers require the machine to have more functional modules than the standard model, the company can also design according to specific requirements to meet their needs

the automation machine provided by the company includes two models: ecp-1060ts and ea-1060 full range load sensor St. They all have triple waste cleaning devices, in which the adjustable range of the gap between the front end and its mouth is 4 ~ 12mm. The triple waste cleaning device can also be used together with a special Yin/Yang waste cleaning plate or pin. The maximum production speed of 1060 series die cutting machine can reach 7500 sheets/hour

the semi-automatic die-cutting machine is composed of four models with different formats: the es-1300 die-cutting machine has a maximum die-cutting sheet fed format of 1000 × 1300mm, with a minimum width of 500 × 650mm; The es-1500 die-cutting machine has a maximum die-cutting sheet width of 1100 × 1500mm, with a minimum width of 550 × 750; The es-1700 die-cutting machine has a maximum die-cutting sheet width of 1200 × 1700mm, with a minimum width of 600 × 850mm; The largest die-cutting machine of enko series is es-2200, and its largest die-cutting sheet size is 1700 × 2200mm, with a minimum width of 850 × 1200mm。

automatic and semi-automatic die-cutting machines are equipped with easy-to-use version change system, which makes these die-cutting machines have real user-friendly performance. In addition, all operations of the operator are monitored and controlled through a sophisticated electronic system, so that the operator is always under control. This electronic system can also easily monitor the output. In case of failure, the self diagnosis system of the machine can accurately determine the crux of the problem, so that the operator can repair it quickly and resume production

the selling points of enko series die cutting machines are mainly quality and reliability. Cava firmly believes that since this series of models have a large number of functional modules, the use of enko die-cutting machine represents the production of highly competitive packaging! Gary walker, sales manager of cava's fan cap, commented on this: "Enko die-cutting machine can withstand the cost to measure the yield strength of materials and other functions compared with any other die-cutting machine in the market, which can be really seen when consulting the machine manual. Through consulting the manual, users can understand that we have installed many functional parts for the machine. For other machines, these functional parts may be classified as' extra cost '." Cava can also supply indentation strips, sponge rubber strips, die-cutting indentation knives, die rooms, etc. with great price advantages

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