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Enlightenment of the largest domestic civil photovoltaic project put into operation in Sichuan

on July 2, after participating in the 2.1 MW solar roof photovoltaic power generation project and power generation ceremony of Panzhihua University, Shen Jun, President of Yunnan Junsheng Energy Investment Management Co., Ltd., rushed to another project he invested in - on the idle roof of this industrial and trade plant, solar panels with a total installed capacity of more than twice that of Panzhihua university project are under intense construction, It is expected to be put into operation next month

"now the photovoltaic solar energy market is highly competitive." Recalling that when talking about the Panzhihua college project two years ago, Shen Jun said that in those years, only a few photovoltaic giants such as Datang new energy and Suntech were seeking projects in Panzhihua, and now more than a dozen private enterprises have dug gold here

when China's photovoltaic industry encounters the "double anti" in Europe, what are the gains and losses of private enterprises in the photovoltaic solar market in Panzhihua? Can we see the bottleneck that photovoltaic enterprises need to break through to win the domestic market from the case

this is a win-win new energy project

the photovoltaic solar power generation project on the roof of Panzhihua university is currently the largest civil photovoltaic power generation project in China. The total investment of Junsheng is 37.38 million yuan, with an average cost of about 17 yuan per watt. "This is the price two years ago, and now it has fallen to about 12 yuan per watt," Shen Jun said. The investment cost of that year is expected to be recovered in 11 years. "After that, there will be about 2million yuan of income every year, and the income is very stable, but in the long run, the overall return rate is low."

Shen Jun said that in the future, with the improvement of the conversion rate of solar panels, it is not ruled out that they will be replaced with more efficient solar panels. "Although the cost increases, as long as the conversion rate increases, the income will naturally be higher."

it is a cost-effective account for Panzhihua University. First of all, this project led the school to set up a Key Laboratory of colleges and universities in Sichuan Province - the solar energy application research technology center, "which helps to open up the chain of production, study and research of solar photovoltaic applications." Liu Qianshu, director of the laboratory, said

in addition, "the electricity charge of Panzhihua university is about 4million yuan per year. After the project is put into operation, 70% of the electricity in the future will come from photovoltaic solar energy, and you can enjoy a 15% discount on the existing electricity price, which can save about 420000 yuan per year." Said Wu weigen, vice president of Panzhihua University

this is also the first successful photovoltaic solar power generation project in our province. Guodian Sichuan Panzhihua power supply company, which provides and serves it, spent more than 800000 yuan to transform the school's substation before the project was put into operation. "In the short term, serving photovoltaic solar energy projects cannot benefit, on the contrary, it has to be invested, which also has a certain impact on power operation, but this is a demonstration, which will be a great benefit in the long term." Said Lin Shuangqing, general manager of Panzhihua power supply company

The government is also happy to see its success. "The Panzhihua university project symbolizes the transformation of Panzhihua photovoltaic solar energy application from solar thermal application to photoelectric integration, and will also encourage the development of personal photovoltaic power generation in the future." Luo Jun, director of Panzhihua Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said

how to solve the problem of developing the domestic photovoltaic market

open up the domestic market and open up a glimmer of vitality for the domestic photovoltaic industry under the shadow of Europe's "double anti". But it also faces many practical puzzles and problems

in the past two years, Shen Jun led his team to conduct a "carpet" inspection of Panzhihua City, including industrial plants, logistics centers, furniture cities, hypermarkets, stadiums, schools and so on. "The roof we have seen is no less than 1million square meters. If we go late, we may be occupied by competitors."

a high-quality photovoltaic roof needs to meet at least three conditions: the owner agrees; The area is large enough; The electric glass fiber composite automobile firmware OEM factory is lack of overall engineering experience and can be sold. Shen Jun usually failed at the leading level. "They are worried about whether the photovoltaic solar energy has radiation, whether the illegal action itself has been found to have damage to building 1, and whether the factory is also worried about the impact on its production and operation." "The more large enterprises are, the less they care about the return of energy conservation." Shen Jun said that small enterprises that value economic returns mean risks to photovoltaic enterprises. For example, due to the age of photovoltaic power generation, the enterprise has signed a power purchase agreement with the roof owner to officially enter the lithium battery field for 25 years, and whether the enterprise can survive for 25 years and whether it can guarantee to pay the electricity bill for 25 years has become the biggest uncertainty factor

photovoltaic subsidies have not been solved. At present, the application of photovoltaic solar energy is mainly divided into two parts: kilowatt hour subsidy and cost subsidy. For example, Panzhihua university belongs to the golden sun project, and adopts cost subsidy, with a certain amount of subsidy per watt, but this also brings some problems, such as the photovoltaic solar energy "cheating door" recently exposed, delaying the construction period to earn the price difference, etc

Lin Shuangqing said that at present, Panzhihua power supply company is increasing investment in the construction of intelligent distribution, which can provide a good consumption platform for new energy power generation

Hu Rongzhu, vice president of Tongwei group in charge of new energy business, believes that the current utilization rate of photovoltaic solar energy in Panzhihua, Liangshan and other places does not match the rich local solar energy resources. "Since we put into operation the 300 kW photovoltaic power generation public welfare project in Litang, the actual operation effect is far better than the theoretical expectation." Encouraged by this, Tongwei has set up a photovoltaic power generation business department and carried out preliminary market research in Panxi and other places. "In the future, the development of photovoltaic enterprises should be more rational and compete in core technologies, rather than fighting for scale and cost as in the past." Zhonghua glass () Department

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