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Enrollment notice of Siemens 840D CNC system maintenance technology training course

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with the continuous progress of science and technology, the manufacturing capacity of enterprises has increased rapidly, and the number of CNC machine tools in Chinese enterprises has increased significantly. In order to improve the technical level of CNC machine tool maintenance personnel, the China mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and Transformation Technology Association and the electrical times magazine jointly held the "Siemens 840D CNC system maintenance technology training course" in Beijing in June

I. characteristics of the training course

(1) the training course is organized from reality, so the attached function is mainly used to fix the samples. Relevant experts analyze and elaborate the ideas and methods of fault diagnosis and maintenance of CNC machine tools from the perspective of machine, electricity and hydraulics, and provide nearly very detailed CD-ROM to make bones healthier 840D full set of operating instructions and more than 200 pages of guiding auxiliary teaching materials. (2) In order to achieve practical results, the training course has set up the practice content of prototype operation and actual fault finding, so as to improve the students' practical ability. (3) The training course was taught by senior engineers with rich experience who have worked in the front line of maintenance and Reform for a long time in Beijing AVIC Shunwei Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., the core partner of Siemens in the field of machine tool transformation in China. (4) At the end of the training course, a completion examination will be conducted, and those who pass the examination will be issued a completion certificate

II. Main teaching contents:

1. Introduction to CNC system

siemens CNC system hardware structure and system characteristics, with emphasis on 840D hardware and configuration. The content includes the relationship between Nck, MMC and PLC and the compatibility of toolbox and HMI versions

2. Common faults of CNC machine tools

(1) NC unit failure, handling of system software and hardware failure, data backup and data recovery. (2) Parameter setting and adjustment. This paper introduces in detail the functions of data, setting data, driving data and display data of each machine tool of the CNC system, as well as the relationship between machine tool failure and data. (3) PLC fault handling. Data exchange of PLC, Nck and MMC, and how to determine the cause of failure through PLC in case of machine tool failure. (4) Implement special guidance and comprehensive support for the impact of the mechanical part on the machine tool control part. The relationship between mechanical, hydraulic and lubrication faults and numerical control and electrical faults. (5) Troubleshooting of servo system

3. Prototype operation and actual fault finding, Q & A and equipment maintenance and modification exchange

III. enrollment objects: maintenance engineers, technicians and operators with certain work experience

IV. specific matters

training time: June 4, 2007 ~ June 9 (a total of 6 days) of household appliances such as refrigerators and televisions, and report for duty all day on June 3

place of class: Beijing (the specific address is notified ten days in advance)

training fee: 2980 yuan/person, (including accommodation)

registration method: from now on to May 30

Contact: (1) director Zhang of the Technology Department of China mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and Transformation Technology Association

address: No. 46 Sanlihe Road, Xicheng District, Beijing zip code: 100823

/Fax: (010) registration email: cpamm@

(2) Mr. Yang, training center of electric times magazine Miss Li

address: No. 22, Wanzhuang street, Beijing zip code: 100037

: (010), fax: (010)

registration email: faxingpeixun station:

China mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and Transformation Technology Association

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