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Enlightenment of the U.S. economic crisis to printing enterprises

the U.S. economy is going through a difficult period. This crisis is serious, profound, long-lasting, global, and even a key link to change the historical process. Although the US House of Representatives passed the rescue plan involving more than 700 billion US dollars in the Wall Street financial crisis on October 4, it is difficult to erase the trauma of Chinese enterprises caused by the financial crisis

as for China, the current domestic enterprises are facing a relatively difficult situation due to the financial turmoil on Wall Street. With the continued depreciation of the US dollar, oil and gold, as hard currencies, will continue to rise, while the exchange rate of the RMB will gradually increase. Under the domestic and foreign difficulties, Chinese printing enterprises, which were originally highly competitive and with low profits, especially Chinese printing enterprises whose main business is outsourcing, may quickly carry out a new round of survival of the fittest in the face of the impact of the US economic crisis on China, which is both a challenge and a challenge to Chinese printing enterprises, It is also an opportunity

after the outbreak of the U.S. economic crisis, experts are calling for slowing down the growth rate of the economy. With the economic recession, a number of printing enterprises will reduce their living resources, their profitability will generally decline, and their wages will continue to decline. Enterprises will face the fate of closure or merger, or the need to survive. However, with the exit of a number of printing enterprises, many customers need to find new printing enterprises, so as to bring new sources of vitality to the surviving printing enterprises, so as to improve the profits of the enterprises and bring new vitality to the enterprises

then, how can Chinese printing enterprises improve their competitive strength and survive and develop during the economic recession? The following suggestions may be useful to the printing industry

avoid the risks brought by rising costs

in the face of the already competitive printing market, many printing enterprises are unwilling to raise printing prices and pass on the rising costs of energy and fuel to customers. As soon as the development of the extruder industry in the United States still has a large market space, the head of a printing enterprise that did not implement the price increase said: we should wait until everything in the market stabilizes before making plans. My amplified and filtered output signals are respectively connected to the corresponding a/d conversion channels as experimental loads and other measured signals. People will continue to focus on developing new technologies and improving working methods to reduce or eliminate the adverse impact of rising costs on enterprises. Therefore, we will closely monitor all cost changes and their impact on printing customers while balancing the company's needs

because of this, these printing buyers are doing their best to cut their budgets and try to offset the rising printing costs. Whether in the design of printed materials or in the distribution of goods, they hope to print more products with limited funds to achieve maximum savings

controlling production costs is closely related to the profits and survival of current printing enterprises. Some printing enterprises also achieve the purpose of streamlining institutions and personnel and reducing expenses by improving efficiency and automation

innovation and reform to resist the economic crisis

economic recession is not a good thing for every enterprise, but in the depressed economic environment, printing enterprises should not only control costs, but also continue to reform and innovate how to make products more in line with the needs of customers and the market. As the saying goes, if you don't advance, you will fall back. If printing enterprises want to stand out from competitors, they need to make more efforts. Those printing enterprises that still actively pursue innovation in difficult times will get rich returns when the economic situation improves; And those enterprises that do not take action will soon find that they have been left behind or eliminated. Therefore, the more difficult the time is, the more the value of innovation can be reflected. In particular, many new technologies such as digital printing have emerged in the printing industry in recent years. These new technologies can not only simplify the production process and improve production efficiency, but also become the greatest wealth for printing plants to develop innovative solutions for customers. If enterprises want to be different, they need to invest in innovative technologies, especially for Chinese printing enterprises in the current economic environment, they need courage and correct decisions

perhaps the economic crisis can become a catalyst for the transformation of Chinese printing enterprises and accelerate the transformation of the printing market to order. The reform of printing enterprises should establish a restraint mechanism and incentive mechanism that meet the requirements of the city's recent economic development and the requirements of modern enterprise system. Implement brand strategy, promote brand sustainability, focus on those goals that have not been paid attention to, and work hard on refining the market

in order to succeed in the current economic environment, printing enterprises must support short-term strategies and take into account their long-term development goals. Printing enterprises need to make predictions about the economic situation in the next two years, so as to make decisions to the market faster and meet the needs of customers. Therefore, now, more than ever before, enterprises need to have the ability to run sprints and marathons at the same time. This period is a test for China's printing market, but there are also infinite opportunities

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