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Enlightenment from the development of glass packaging for beauty cosmetics in foreign countries

the past and present of glass packaging industry

after several years of difficult and slow growth and competition with other materials, the glass packaging industry is now coming out of the trough and reviving its former prosperity. In recent years, the growth rate of the glass packaging industry in the cosmetics market is only 2%, which is caused by the competition from other materials and the slow growth of the global economy, but now there seems to be a momentum of improvement. On the positive side, glass manufacturers benefit from the rapid growth of high-end skin care products and the large demand for glass products. In addition, glass manufacturers are seeking development opportunities from emerging markets and constantly updating their production processes

in fact, on the whole, although there are competing materials in the professional line and perfume market, glass manufacturers are still optimistic about the prospects of the glass packaging industry, and do not seem to show lack of confidence. Many people believe that these competing materials cannot be compared with glass products in attracting customers and expressing brand taste. Gerreshei's error in all measurement ranges can be controlled within 0.5% in the same direction. Burkhardlingenberg, director of marketing and external liaison of mer group (glass manufacturer), said: "maybe countries have different preferences for glass products, but France, which dominates the cosmetics industry, is not so eager to accept plastic products." However, chemical materials are not without a foothold in the professional and cosmetic markets. In the United States, products manufactured by DuPont and Eastman chemicals have the same proportion as glass products and feel like glass. Some of these products have been involved in the perfume market. However, Patrick etchaubard, head of the North American Department of the Italian company, expressed doubts that plastic products can compete with glass products. She said: "the competition we can really see is the outer packaging of products. Plastic manufacturers think customers will like their packaging style."

glass packaging industry opens up new markets

opening up new markets will undoubtedly enable the business of glass packaging industry to develop. For example, SAIN Gobain desjongueres (SGD) is a company seeking international development. It has built three glass factories in France, one in Spain, one in the United States and one in Brazil. This geographical and safety professional connection makes it easy for the company to operate its own business in the world. However, two years ago, the company also encountered considerable difficulties, leading to the decision of the leadership to close a number of glass furnaces. SGD is now preparing to face emerging markets and develop itself; These markets include not only the markets it has set foot in, such as Brazil, but also the markets it has not set foot in, such as Eastern Europe and Asia. "As major brands are expanding new customers in this region, they also need glass suppliers," said Terry Le Goff, head of marketing at SGD

simply put, no matter the supplier or the manufacturer, they should seek new customers when expanding new business, so glass manufacturers are no exception. Many people still emphasize our commitment to become a sustainable and environmentally conscious enterprise. However, they believe that glass manufacturers have advantages in glass products in the west, but they still insist that the quality of glass products in markets such as China is inferior to that in European markets. However, in the whole market, this advantage cannot be maintained forever. Therefore, now western glass manufacturers are analyzing the competitive pressure faced in the Chinese market

Asia is a market Gerresheimer has not yet entered, but German companies will never turn their attention away from Asia. Lingenberg firmly believes that "in order to succeed today, you must follow the path of true globalization."

for glass manufacturers, innovation stimulates demand

innovation in the glass packaging industry is the key to bringing new business. For Bormioli Luigi (BL), the recent success is due to the continuous concentration of resources on product research and development. In order to produce perfume bottles with glass stoppers, the company improved the production machinery and equipment, and also reduced the production cost of the products. Last year, the company produced a new type of perfume bottle for bond No.9 in the United States and Cartier perfume in France if they want to make non-standard samples. Another development project is to make a comprehensive decoration around the glass bottle. This new process enables manufacturers to produce polyhedral glass bottles at the same time without etching one side at a time as before. In fact, etchaubard pointed out that this production process is very novel, and there is no similar product in the market. He also commented: "new technology is always very important. We always find ways to show our products; in every 10 ideas we have, usually one idea is put into practice." BL also showed strong growth momentum. It is estimated that its business volume increased by 15% in 2003. The company is now building a new glass furnace in Italy

at the same time, it is also reported that there is a small glass manufacturer called alglass in Spain. The annual sales of glass containers is $6million, of which $2million is created by semi-automatic equipment that can produce 1500 pieces of glass in 8 hours, and $4million is created by automatic equipment that can produce 200000 sets of products per day. Akvert, the company's marketing manager, commented: "two years ago, sales fell, but a few months ago, the overall situation improved greatly, and there are new orders every day. Things often happen like this, business is good and bad, and it will never be the same."

influenced by a times called rosier, alglass spent money to buy a new automatic "blow injection" machine. In 2003, the company used this new technology to design flower like perfume bottles for French cosmetics companies. In this way, Albert predicts that as customers understand this new technology, they will like this perfume bottle

with the continuous deepening of technological innovation, innovation, as a factor promoting market development, has a very optimistic development prospect for cosmetics and professional products. Similarly, this year is also a promising year for the glass packaging industry

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