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Enping, the largest nano coating industry demonstration base in Guangdong Province, laid the foundation

Enping Jiawei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., the largest nano calcium carbonate enterprise in China, invested 50million yuan, covering an area of 50 mu, with an annual output of 50000 tons of high-grade architectural coatings and an output value of 1billion yuan. The "baiyinghua" nano coating industry demonstration base selected standard tensile samples to lay the foundation in Dahuai Town, Enping City, After the project is put into operation, it will become the largest nano coating production base in our province and even in China

Enping Jiawei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was established on April 19th, 1999. Over the past five years, the company has continuously innovated its organizational model and operation management mechanism, expanded its CaCO3 production line from one to four, and expanded its annual production and marketing capacity from 30000 tons to 120000 tons; On March 1 this year, the company invested 290million yuan to build a second production base in Luoding City, with a design annual output of 120000 tons of nano calcium carbonate, which is expected to be put into operation before May 2005. The two bases will form an annual production scale of 240000 tons. In addition, this year, after the review of the Ministry of science and technology, the company was recognized as the only national key high-tech enterprise in the calcium carbonate industry in China, and its "baiyinghua" trademark has become a famous trademark in Guangdong Province

nano calcium carbonate, as an intermediate product in the chemical industry, is widely used in plastics, rubber, rubber products, coatings, papermaking and other industries. Jiaweier made clear how to express the abstract concept in a simple, intuitive and visual way. Last year, chemical industry, together with Guangdong coating industry association, organized experts to jointly develop the production of advanced waterborne coatings with nano calcium carbonate powder

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