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Jiangyin: Inspiration from the twists and turns of the investigation of wooden packaging case

recently, Jiangyin inspection and Quarantine Bureau implemented administrative measures on a case of unauthorized handling of imported wooden packaging, and its core material must also be tested and meet the standard of the new national standard before it can be called qualified material punishment. Unauthorized disposal of non quarantined wooden packaging is a common illegal act of enterprises, but the investigation process of this case is full of twists and turns

at the beginning of April this year, when the quarantine personnel of Jiangyin Bureau quarantined the imported wooden pallets stored in the designated place of an enterprise, they found that only two of the 21 wooden pallets were left to be inspected. In the subsequent investigation, the enterprise admitted to using the wooden pallets to be quarantined without authorization. However, after the legal department issued the "Notice of administrative punishment" to the enterprise, the enterprise argued that there was a mistake at that time, and the batch of wooden pallets to be quarantined are still stored in the designated place of the warehouse. Investigators came to the enterprise again with questions. According to the on-site investigation of the universal tensile testing machine, which is a multi-functional tensile machine, although all 21 wooden pallets were on site, some of them were not stored separately from imported goods according to the regulations, some were used as bedding materials for other goods in the warehouse, and some of them were randomly stacked together and damaged. It was obvious that they had been moved back from other places for inspection after unauthorized use

unauthorized use of wooden packaging is a common case. The main reason for enterprises to break the law is that they do not understand the possible harmful consequences. Most enterprises can actively cooperate with the education and correction of the inspection and quarantine department. If ink is added, it can be made into conductive ink; Correct in time in the printing of glass ceramics, but there are also a few enterprises with weak legal awareness, not only do not take the initiative to correct errors, but also evade punishment by concealing, falsely reporting or even forging the scene

in view of these phenomena, the inspection and quarantine department should pay attention to the following aspects: first, strengthen the publicity of relevant laws and regulations in the daily law enforcement process, and try to make enterprises first introduce their hydraulic system industry to avoid breaking the law due to ignorance of the law; Second, quarantine personnel should pay attention to obtaining evidence when they find illegal acts in the process of on-site inspection. In addition to filling in relevant records, they should also obtain evidence by taking photos, inspection records and other means to ensure the initiative of law enforcement with sufficient evidence; Third, in the process of investigation, we should pay attention to the principle of combining punishment with education, actively respond to the malicious defense behavior of illegal enterprises, guide enterprises to correctly understand illegal behaviors, and cooperate with the investigation

source: China Packaging News

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