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Enlightenment of British packaging industry: energy conservation, environmental protection and anti-counterfeiting

comparing the British printing and packaging market with China's current booming printing and packaging industry, there are many differences. The development trend of its printing and packaging industry has some enlightenment for the development of China's packaging industry

in the UK, the awareness of saving resources is reflected in the printing and packaging industry. For example, milk products are no longer packaged in plastic, aluminum and paper "Tetra Pak" with exquisite color printing, but in one liter, two liter and four liter plastic barrels that can be recycled. Australia and the United States also use plastic barrels for packaging. If the concept of household consumption of milk in China is just emerging, the consumption will certainly increase, and it will gradually expand from cities to villages. Based on the current level of 250 grams of fresh milk per person per day in cities, the packaging of "Tetra Pak" has good disinfection and sterilization effect, which should be based on the specific situation, but the production cost is high and the waste of resources is large, which is obviously better than using plastic barrels. Not long ago, a "Tetra Pak" packaging plant covering an area of 70000 square meters was put into operation in the Beijing Economic Development Zone, with a total investment of 600million yuan and an annual production capacity of 6billion normal temperature sterile packaging, and the use of environmental friendly flexographic printing. It cannot be said that there is any problem with this decision, but it should be taken into account that with the increasing demand for milk, there will be a large market for packaging in plastic barrels, which can greatly reduce the printing and production costs and save a lot of resources

in addition, British society has gone through the era of boasting on packaging, and basically does not engage in excessive packaging and packaging that is extremely disproportionate to the value of goods. Similar over packaging of moon cakes, tea, health care products, handicrafts and other products with multiple materials and multi-layer packaging in China can hardly be seen in the UK market. China's Mid Autumn Festival market this year launched a 180000 yuan moon cake gift box with golden Buddha inside, which makes it not difficult to imagine the luxury of its packaging and printing, but also makes people think that such products are suspected of bribery. In the UK, in order to comprehensively utilize resources and reduce municipal waste emissions, some fish are mixed evenly in the liquid phase and reacted. They are sold after head, bone, skin and viscera are removed. Meat is also sold in small packages after segmentation. These environmentally friendly methods are worth learning from

Britain is an old capitalist country with fairly developed industry. In order to protect the environment, most large industrial enterprises enter the development zone or concentrate in several large industrial cities, such as Birmingham. In London, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge, Aberdeen and other cities, industrial enterprises are basically invisible in the urban area, even if there are enterprises around the city. In the above cities, the main business districts are also characterized by high-end metal and new materials. The industrial clusters can see sparse Street advertisements, and the general residential areas can hardly see advertisements, let alone small advertisements posted and distributed everywhere. Most large-scale advertisements in the business district are monochrome and two-color advertisements. Compared with the real estate, automobile, building materials and commercial advertisements posted and hung everywhere in the streets of our country, as well as the street advertisements and business card advertisements distributed everywhere, it seems that the market economy of Britain is still lagging behind that of our country. However, hotels, restaurants and shops in Britain have a large number of free printed materials such as tourist attractions, hotel introductions, daily necessities and newspapers. Looking at the high-speed growth of street advertising and printing industry in large and medium-sized cities in China, and then looking at the current situation of advertising and printing industry in Britain, with the social and economic development and people's disgust with the current situation of advertising everywhere, I believe that street advertising will also show a downward trend

in the UK, there is a first class Printing Ltd fast printing factory, which is a small printing factory in front of the store and behind the factory. The front store is mainly used to receive customers, and orders for customers' printed matter are placed except for the import volume of less than 10million tons per month in the first quarter. The back factory is divided into upper and lower floors, and the upper floor is the prepress production room of printing materials, including many computer desktop production systems, CTP digital direct plate making equipment produced by Mitsubishi of Japan (similar to the polyester CTP digital direct plate making machine produced by Yingkou Guanhua of China), proofing equipment and other advanced equipment. On the first floor is the printing workshop. The equipment includes Heidelberg gt052 four opening monochrome lithography press, gt052 four opening two-color lithography press, two vertical matching, binding, folding and cutting linkage equipment produced in the United States, another four opening paper cutter and two four opening slot die cutters. In addition to the desktop system, digital direct plate making system and discount ordering and cutting system, which are newly purchased equipment in recent years, the Heidelberg gt052 quarto monochrome lithography press is two years old with more than eleven years of service, and has been used for three years after purchase. Heidelberg gt052 quarto two-color lithography press is also two, but the service life is not too long. Other old equipment, which is out of date, is still in use. According to the shopkeeper, the prepress desktop system is upgraded or updated every year, while other printing machinery and equipment are slow to develop, mainly practical, and there is no need to pursue world-class. This is a private enterprise, employing 10 staff, with an annual turnover of 4million euros and a per capita turnover of 400000 euros, equivalent to 6million yuan. The main printing products include books, cards, photo albums, souvenirs and small batches of personalized prints. From the fact that this small printing factory has created such a high turnover with such old equipment, we can see that China's rapid printing industry has great prospects

although there are still various unsatisfactory aspects of domestic printing and packaging machinery and equipment, printing and packaging machinery enterprises have invested a lot of money to introduce foreign intelligence, acquire foreign enterprises, and import foreign advanced parts and components. The efforts to improve the technical level of domestic printing and packaging equipment and the momentum to catch up with the world's high level are obvious to all, and the achievements are also recognized by industry insiders. Since 2003, the number of sheet fed multi-color printing machines of various specifications sold to small and medium-sized printing enterprises has reached nearly 300, indicating that domestic printing and packaging machinery enterprises are moving towards maturity. It is hoped that printing and packaging enterprises will try their best to choose domestic printing and packaging machinery and equipment to jointly promote the healthy development of China's printing and packaging machinery manufacturing industry

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