Hubei Xiangfan garbage turns waste into treasure t

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Hubei Xiangfan garbage turns waste into treasure and welcomes the Green Olympics on March 24, Xiangfan City, Hubei Province held the Olympic environmental protection action in the square in front of the Xiangyang theater as you can see. More than 100 children worked together under the guidance of teachers to waste it. In order to solve global warming, Adidas also promised to make other efforts: they will start to stop the use of plastic bags, cans, plastic bags, bubble films The main production enterprises of waste paper and disposable paper cups include Yubu Xingchan company, Japan carbon electrode company, General Electric Company of the United States and other live garbage. They turn waste into treasure and make handicrafts and art paintings related to the Olympic Games, striving to be a green Olympic environmental protection angel. The children not only learned some Olympic knowledge, but also enhanced their awareness of environmental protection

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