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Hubei Provincial Bureau of agricultural machinery urgently dispatched agricultural machinery to rush to harvest and seed

recently, our province has encountered continuous rainy weather, and some areas have encountered heavy rain, which has directly affected the machine harvest of medium rice and the machine sowing of rape and wheat, and has had a serious impact on the autumn harvest and seed production of the whole province. In order to do a good job in the current rush to collect and seed agricultural machinery, the Provincial Bureau of agricultural machinery issued the "urgent notice on doing a good job in the current rush to collect and seed agricultural machinery", and sent three working groups to Xiangyang, Huanggang, Jingmen, Tianmen, Qianjiang, Xiantao and other cities to guide the fight against disasters

at present, the province has more than 5 million mu of rice in the field, which is in urgent need of a large number of rice harvesters. The Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau immediately mobilized, organized to collect and summarize the harvest time of mid season rice, the supply and demand of machines and tools, the harvest progress, operating prices, meteorological changes and other information in the use of low-pressure die heads, and released the demand information through "agricultural machinery through train" and other channels, scientifically adjusted the working machines and tools, actively coordinated services, attracted foreign machinery, and made every effort to meet the demand of mid season rice harvest

the drying of mid season rice and the rush sowing of rape and wheat are imminent, and the local demand for grain drying equipment and sowing machinery is very urgent. The provincial bureau is paying close attention to the situation of rush harvesting and rush planting in all parts of the province, coordinating and organizing the drying of spring and other elastic components Vesta's services, engineering expertise and commitment to quality, which have been recognized by customers all over the world. In terms of drying enterprises providing drying services, we can achieve cash for cash drying; Actively do a good job in drainage and waterlogging in the field, and guide farmers to classify and remedy after the disaster; Releasing the demand information of machines and tools in advance and sowing wheat and rape in sunny days can not only reduce the cost, but also ensure the smooth completion of the autumn sowing goal this year

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