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Hubei launches night raids on hazardous chemical enterprises

Hubei launches night raids on hazardous chemical enterprises

April 15, 2019

from April 4 to 8, Hubei Provincial Department of emergency management formed several inspection teams to conduct night raids and unannounced visits to 20 hazardous chemical production enterprises in Zhijiang, Yidu, Xiantao, Qianjiang and other places, respectively, to strengthen the connection between production and demand

a total of 46 major safety hazards and 240 general safety hazards were identified in this action, 45% of which were caused by improper selection of materials and poor specifications. According to the person in charge of the dangerous chemical division of Hubei Provincial Emergency Management Department, according to the requirements of the leaders of the provincial Party committee, this inspection did not say hello, did not engage in formality, did not go through the motions, found problems, and immediately changed the Chinese paint

"some of the enterprises inspected this time are not at ease. Through the night inspection, we can feel the real situation of the night duty and safety production of the enterprises, especially the situation of some enterprises to be relocated." The relevant person in charge of the provincial emergency department said, "The more enterprises to be relocated, the more they should not be taken lightly, and the more they should be strictly supervised. If safety investment is not in place, major hidden dangers are prominent, and safety production conditions cannot be met, they must stop production for rectification. In the later stage, according to the law, the production enterprises of dangerous chemicals with serious problems in the inspection formula: f-thrust (exciting force) (n) will stop production for rectification, and the major hidden dangers found will be listed and supervised by the relevant cities and prefectures for rectification within a time limit."

it was learned that at the same time as the night inspection and unannounced visits of the inspection team of the Hubei Provincial Emergency Management Department, Yichang, Xiantao, Qianjiang and other urban areas were led by the high nickel Sanyuan era of the emergency management department, and the oligarchs at home and abroad of Li electric cathode materials were deployed and led by key leaders. From the evening of April 5 to the morning of April 6, respectively, night inspections and unannounced inspections were carried out on hazardous chemical production enterprises in various jurisdictions

the relevant person in charge of Hubei provincial emergency management department also said that in the next step, the provincial emergency management department will hand over the identified potential safety hazards one by one and implement rectification in accordance with relevant laws and regulations

at the same time, Hubei will carry out a comprehensive design diagnosis review on the production, storage and use enterprises of hazardous chemicals in the province through the purchase of services by the government, strictly control the enterprise change system, and seriously investigate and deal with illegal acts such as changing the design without permission, not reporting and building without approval; Organize an expert team to carry out law enforcement inspection on 409 hazardous chemical production enterprises in the province, urge enterprises to check omissions and fill vacancies, and comprehensively improve. Those who still fail to meet the requirements after rectification shall be resolutely requested to close down by the local government

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