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Commercial kitchenware enterprises develop three lifeblood

kitchen equipment, ranging from individuals and families to restaurants and hotels, has a wide range of applications, and the market prospect has always been favored by the industry. According to the experience, at present, there are more than 1000 commercial kitchenware manufacturers in China, while less than 50 manufacturers have a certain competitive range, and the others are assembly plants with a small range. Nowadays, the competition in the commercial kitchenware market has gradually moved towards comprehensive competition. If the enterprise is not strong and its own advantages are unitary, it is difficult to have a place in the market. Therefore, commercial kitchenware enterprises must improve their comprehensive strength. In detail, cost, products and services are the primary links for commercial kitchenware enterprises to stop strengthening their needs. About 5%

the first sharp blade: cost

cost is the first consideration for consumers to choose to purchase products. In the long history of product composition, price, as the value of product performance, has always been the focus of consumers. Good quality and low price are almost the shopping experience that all consumers seek. Therefore, no matter when we do a good job in product cost control, we can help commercial kitchenware enterprises seize the first psychological defense of consumers and complete the first barrier of consumer business. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the speed; Deformation occurs when the beam is stressed: the material of the beam is improperly selected

second sharp knife: product

no matter when and where, only valuable products can make consumers pay. If a product wants to have value, it must meet the following points: first, the product must meet the needs of consumers, that is to say, the product must meet the needs of consumers; 2、 Products should have quality assurance. Products without quality assurance have no value, and they cannot win the support of consumers. In short, commercial kitchenware enterprises can occupy the second place of mind of consumers and move forward again to complete their business as long as they have core products where they don't understand

the third bow and arrow: handling affairs

for all consumer personnel, it was easy to be tempted by the cost, but with the gradual rationality of consumer personnel, the influence of the cost war continued to fall, and the concept of handling affairs rose to a new height. In a big way, without outstanding pre-sales and after-sales services, it is difficult to promote a successful business, which is also the result of endless shopping. Therefore, it is necessary for commercial kitchenware enterprises to do a good job, directly smash the last defense of consumers, so that consumers can truly submit to their own products, and cannot stop the swinging pendulum with their hands

consumer personnel have three mind defences, and commercial kitchenware enterprises need three sharp blades to deal with them. According to the achievements put forward by the consumers, as long as the commercial kitchenware enterprises have the key treatment and keep pace with the times, the weapons in the war market can gradually show their embryonic form, and the growth of enterprises can be accumulated

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