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During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Hubei Province will actively transform traditional industries such as textiles

recently, the Hubei provincial government issued the "12th Five Year Plan for the adjustment, optimization and upgrading of industrial structure in Hubei Province", which emphasizes the transformation of traditional industries such as textiles, the innovation of production processes, industrial forms and product performance of traditional industries, so as to develop towards high value-added manufacturing and enhance competitiveness

according to the plan, the textile industry in Hubei Province will actively undertake industrial transfer, strive to solve the bottleneck problems of printing and dyeing, chemical fiber and other industries, strengthen the construction of clothing brands, and speed up the development of industrial and household textiles

in the field of cotton textile and clothing, vigorously promote the application of various new, efficient and energy-saving textile equipment and new textile technology, and improve the product grade and technical equipment level; Optimize the structure of raw materials, encourage the recycling of waste fibers in the cotton textile industry, actively develop and produce all kinds of new fibers, functional fiber yarns and interwoven fabrics, high-end colored spinning threads, colored fabrics and filament fabrics, as well as special natural fiber yarns and interwoven fabrics that meet the requirements of ecology, comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection, so as to improve the added value of products; Vigorously develop ramie textile and cocoon silk industry, and build a national first-class ramie textile production and processing base, silkworm production and silk processing base; Accelerate the transfer of coastal clothing production capacity, actively introduce well-known clothing brands at home and abroad, and create a clothing corridor along the river; Actively adopt advanced technology and equipment to improve the informatization and equipment level of garment design and production; Guide the clothing industry to develop in the direction of fashion, functionality, urbanization and branding; Vigorously cultivate independent brands, speed up the construction of professional markets, and build an important national garment production, processing and export base

in the field of printing and dyeing and chemical fiber, we should actively develop the printing and dyeing industry, vigorously promote centralized gas supply and centralized pollution control in the park, actively adopt advanced dyeing and finishing technology, promote efficient short process pretreatment technology, efficient water washing advanced technology and other equipment, strengthen the development of new fabric and functional fabric dyeing and finishing technology, and improve the matching and finishing capacity of garment accessories. At the same time, relying on Wuhan 800000 ton ethylene project, actively build downstream chemical fiber product projects, support enterprise capacity expansion and transformation, and improve the development and application capacity of differentiated fibers

in the field of industrial and household textiles, vigorously develop new textile products in the fields of medical treatment, transportation, new energy, etc., guide and support the development and application of spunbonded, Spunlaced, pneumatic, etc., expand the application fields, extend the industrial chain, and develop non-woven industrial clusters; Develop new medical and health textiles, speed up the development and application of medical textile materials and products, and speed up the construction of medical textile production and R & D bases; Actively promote the development and application of strong woven geotextiles, agricultural textile materials, and textiles for environmental protection filtration and packaging; Support the development and application of high-performance fiber reinforced composites; Improve the market share of automotive textiles; Improve the grade of home textile products, and the force resolution can almost reach 100000 tensile machines to expand the industrial scale

at the same time, the plan also emphasizes the development and application engineering of high-grade industrial textiles, expanding and strengthening medical and health textiles, focusing on the development of high-grade nonwovens, promoting spunbonded, melt blown, Spunlaced and Their Composite Nonwovens Technology, and breaking through the industrialization difficulties of scientific and technological research projects; Accelerate the development of automotive textiles, leather base cloth, canvas and other products, expand the industrial scale and improve the market share; Strengthen research and development and independent innovation, and speed up the cultivation of independent brands and leading enterprises; Optimize the industrial layout, accelerate the formation of an inaccurate industrial situation of "dislocation competition, distinctive and cluster development", and focus on building "one cluster and five bases" (Xiantao nonwovens and their products cluster, Yichang Zhijiang and Xianning Chongyang medical dressing, Jingmen "CUCHENG", Wuhan Xinzhou Liji medical gauze and Caidian Suohe labor protection glove base); By 2015, the total processing volume of industrial textiles and fibers in the province will reach 700000 tons, accounting for more than 30% of the total processing volume of fibers in the province, and the main business income of the whole industry will reach 60billion yuan, becoming an important industrial textiles processing and export base in the country

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