Hubei konjak water-based coating is the most popul

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Hubei konjak water-based coating is moving towards industrialization

Hubei konjak water-based coating is moving towards industrialization

April 13, 2001

Wuhan konyaku Technology Co., Ltd. recently reached an agreement with Huazhong Agricultural University on the joint development of "konjak water-based building coating

material" in Wuhan. This means that another research achievement of konjak deep development in Hubei Province has ended the fate of shuzhigao

Pavilion and will realize industrialization and benefit mankind

this achievement was presided over by Professor xiebijun, doctoral advisor of central China Agricultural University, which has stable performance and can be used for analysis and determination. According to this technology, a kind of environment-friendly building coating is produced with konjak widely planted in the Northwest Mountain Area of Hubei Province as raw material. This coating is non-toxic, non volatile, non combustible, scrub resistant, and has a broad market prospect

Chen baihuai, head of the leading group for konjak industrialization in Hubei Province and Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government, said that konjak is a major pillar industry for the mountainous areas of Hubei Province to get rid of poverty and become rich. For many years, konjak development and research have been in a disordered state, and the in-depth development and research have lagged behind.

has seriously hindered the development of konjak industry and restricted farmers' income growth. With the great attention of the provincial leaders, in 1998, the provincial government allocated special funds to organize experts from colleges and universities and scientific research institutes to jointly tackle key problems. So far, nearly 20 achievements have been published, a batch of achievements have been industrialized, and magic products have been widely used, and the taro industry has begun to take shape. He called on more entrepreneurs to invest in konjak development and expand the konjak industry in Hubei Province

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