Hubei paper can take a new path of special paper 1

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Hubei paper can take a new path of special paper

statistics show that last year, if only looking at the door of this enterprise, paper making in Hubei crossed the 2million ton mark, the total output of paper and paperboard in Hubei was 2.24 million tons, an increase of 250000 tons over the previous year, ranking first in the country. There are 56 enterprises with a scale of more than 50million yuan in the paper industry in the province, with a product sales revenue of 18.95 billion yuan and a profit and tax of 687 million yuan, of which the profit is 2 7.5 billion yuan. In the past two years, Hubei paper industry has made some progress, but it is still in the middle and lower reaches of the country. In terms of technological progress, Hubei paper 1 High carbon α Olefins: enterprises that adopt oligomerization production process have made little progress, and most paper mills still continue the production scale and process reference level of the 1980s and 1990s. Hubei papermaking Co., Ltd. please re tension the tensioning wheel, introduced by Zhang Qiping, President of the association

Xieyimin, Dean of the school of pulp and paper engineering of Hubei University of technology, said that in the 1990s, Nine Dragons Paper, Weida paper and Hubei paper enterprises had similar starting points; But now, Nine Dragons Paper has grown from a workshop with 20 people to the largest producer in China, and Vida paper has grown from a welfare enterprise for the disabled to the largest household paper enterprise in China and even the world. Hanyang paper mill was once one of the eight largest paper mills in China. Due to no innovative development, it was later merged by Shandong Chenming paper industry

he suggested that Hubei should capture inspiration from the real case of the glass industry's rebirth driven by the solar energy industry, and put the breakthrough of industrial upgrading on industrial special paper. Specifically, we should give full play to the advantages of new energy vehicles and other high-tech industries in our province to produce battery fuel diaphragm paper and automatic welding paper membrane plates, with an added value of more than 20 times that of ordinary packaging paper. Hubei Zhongyan company needs about 10000 tons of wrapping paper every year, and the price per ton is as high as more than 40000 yuan, eight or nine times that of ordinary paper. In addition, the fast-growing food industry also provides development space for white cardboard and high-end packaging paper

it is reported that the goal of Hubei paper industry is to form one enterprise with a capacity of more than 1million tons, 68 enterprises with a capacity of 20.5 million tons, and 810 enterprises with a capacity of 100.2 million tons under the premise of protecting the environment. By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the output of papermaking and paperboard in the province will reach more than 5million tons

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