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Hubei by the Pearl River signed 30 high-end projects "unmanned aerial vehicle taxis"

"we have delivered 60 unmanned manned aircraft to the world, 70% of which are used for sightseeing." On November 26, at the 2019 Hubei Guangdong Economic and trade cooperation (Guangzhou) negotiation conference, Yihang intelligent Holdings Co., Ltd., a UAV enterprise that applied for IPO in the United States at the end of last month, signed a contract with Wuhan. This Guangzhou based enterprise will show its strength in Wuhan

this is one of the 30 high-end precision projects signed by Hubei on the Bank of the Pearl River that day

the width of exchanges between Hubei and Guangdong is 35mm, with a long history and increasingly close economic and trade cooperation. From January to September, 450 of the signed projects in Hubei attracting investment of more than 100 million yuan came from Guangdong, ranking first among foreign investment provinces

get together in Yangcheng, have a chat about friendship and development. This year is the 18th year for Hubei to hold economic and trade negotiations in Guangdong. Hubei once again shows its openness and sincerity in this highland where high-tech industries, senior talents and high-end factors gather

"unmanned aerial vehicle taxi" is coming

Aerospace boom is surging

"I hope the unmanned manned aircraft we produce can become a scenery over the Yangtze River." After signing the contract with Wuhan East Lake high tech Zone, Hou Yinyou, general manager of Greater China of Yihang intelligent Holding Co., Ltd., expressed his expectation

Yihang plans to select a site in Wuhan free trade area to build its UAV R & D, production and flight test center, including the Hubei production base of "Yihang 216" manned UAV, and even the fixed wing assembly and flight test base full of risks and tests, and jointly develop and build a UAV logistics base

Hou Yinyou introduced that the unmanned manned aircraft developed by the company has been used in Maldives, the United States, Zhejiang, Jilin and other provinces and cities in China for emergency rescue and air tourism. Yihang 184, developed by Yihang, has been approved to test operate the "UAV taxi" service in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates

China's first commercial Rocket Company and the first national commercial aerospace industry base have successively settled... In the past three years, aerospace has become a hot industry in Hubei

at the signing ceremony on the 26th, Shenzhen Zhongcheng Aviation Industry Investment Co., Ltd., an addition to this popular industry, signed a contract with Qiaokou District to jointly build a large and small aerospace industry city project

according to Jing Guangchun, deputy general manager of Wuhan Zhongcheng Aerospace Industry Development Co., Ltd., an innovative R & D base of 200000 square meters will be built, and aerospace high-tech enterprises, R & D institutions and academician workstations will be introduced

industrial supporting forms a closed loop

Hubei has become a hot spot for investment

driverless car "one" accurately backs into the warehouse; Follow the voice instructions, complete the interaction of opening the sunroof, opening the trunk, checking the weather, etc... in Guangzhou Panyu District, GAC group, visitors from Hubei, have been fascinated by the application of GAC artificial intelligence

"we have high technical requirements for high nickel batteries with Hubei Province, and our fate is not shallow. Yichang factory of GAC passenger cars is not only our important strategic layout in the central region, but also a heavyweight smart manufacturing benchmark factory." Fengxingya, general manager of GAC group, introduced

at the signing ceremony on that day, the friendship between the two sides was upgraded again. Two subsidiaries of GAC Group signed contracts with Yichang to provide supporting services for the Yichang factory of GAC passenger cars

"we are optimistic about the development in Hubei, and we have been continuously increasing investment in Hubei." Hong Kong Xingyuan Kanghao Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Xiangyang on the 26th to set up a production base and headquarters in Central China

it is found that the 30 projects signed this time are mainly concentrated in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, new energy, new materials, electronic information and so on, among which there are 4 projects that clearly set up headquarters. (AI Hongxia)

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