Hubei Tongshan Public Security Bureau seized a pai

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Hubei Tongshan Public Security Bureau seized a paint "black dens"

new house decoration, most afraid of merchants selling ordinary products as well-known brands. On December 1, the Economic Investigation Brigade of Tongshan Public Security Bureau seized a "black dens" producing fake "Dole to eliminate some errors" and "Jiabaoli" and other well-known brands of paint, in addition to a series of problems caused by components

in the morning of that day, Tongshan police, after receiving clues, seized the fake "black dens" in Jiaoyan Bay, Meigang village, Tongyang Town, and seized a large number of packaging bags and finished products of fake famous brand products

such a large increase is mainly due to the continuous decline in extruder imports since October last year. It is understood that Wu has opened a small factory specializing in the production of white cement, gypsum powder, putty powder and other housing decoration coatings, but the business has not been booming. Later, he found that some similar well-known brand products had a good sales market and high profits, so he bought a large number of fake well-known brand woven bags, filled the products in his factory, and sold fake well-known brands

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