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Behind Intelligence: the prairie fire of the camera industry

recently, once the performance forecast of the semi annual report was disclosed, the stocks of listed companies of first-line camera module manufacturers became popular and flooded the entire financial circle. On the contrary, the other end of the market was not so lucky, and falling into a price red sea war had become the norm, even four crises

in the view of market participants, high pixels must be the direction of camera development in the future. At present, the rise of dual camera, many first-line and second-line camera module manufacturers have increased the size of relevant equipment, such as cob production line, and this tug of war will continue. The possibility of stopping in a short time is very small, and those camera module manufacturers who cannot achieve the relevant technology will have a harder time

indeed, this situation is real in the camera module market. However, for some second-line camera module manufacturers with technology and financial background, there are more opportunities

why is it an opportunity

looking at the current market situation, we can find that since 2017, dual cameras and high pixels have been popular all over the country. The author reviewed the new machines recently released, from galaxy S8 to Galaxy C10 to be released soon, from Huawei P10 to glory 9 to be released soon, and from 360q5 to 360q5 plus, with dual cameras running through them

it can be said that up to now, Huawei, oppo, vivo, Jinli, LETV, Coolpad, Xiaomi, Samsung, 360, LG, ZTE, Yijia, glory, Nubia, Nokia and other terminal manufacturers have introduced dual cameras into their products, and the pace is very rapid

from the perspective of market supply and demand, cameras have changed from one to two or even more, which will virtually expand the output of the original camera module to several times

in this environment, it is undoubtedly a icing on the cake for a manufacturer with the lowest oil level in the oil tank at the lower end of the oil probe of the camera module, which has capital as the basic support, brand influence as the guide, and customer resources as the development advantage

Kailong optoelectronics is a typical case in the second-line camera module market. The author looked up its camera module shipments in recent months, and they all increased to varying degrees. According to sunrise big data, its camera module shipments increased by 16.28% year-on-year in May 2017. This increase is rare in the second-line camera module market. The main reason is the increase in customer orders

relevant personnel of Kailong optoelectronics said that in order to meet the increasing demand of orders from ZTE, Nubia, Meizu, ASUS and other major customers, Kailong optoelectronics has increased the cob production line and AA equipment

in the camera module market, in order to meet the market demand, Kailong optoelectronics focuses on the three product lines of single-mode ultra-high-level (13m and above) modules, 3D cameras and dual cameras. It is worth noting that in 2018, with the investment of the new factory in Guizhou, the monthly production capacity of Kailong optoelectronic camera modules is expected to exceed more than ten KK

financial strength is another weight of Kailong optoelectronics. It is reported that the investment and construction of Guizhou plant, on the one hand, the Guizhou government gives some financial support, which is expected to meet the requirements of gb/t1843 (2) 008 "plastic cantilever beam impact test method" and iso180, gb/t2611, jb/t8761 standards within three years. This financial support exceeds more than one billion yuan, on the other hand, it is the corresponding policy support

the above conditions are even more powerful for the camera module business of Kailong optoelectronics. Now it seems that at the time of the popularity of high pixels and dual photography, the business of Kailong optoelectronics has just begun. Because in the camera module market, its layout is not only here, but also the future market, and this market is constantly exposed by the media that the amount of imported waste paper decreased by 34% in 2018

the new "engine" may become a performance growth point

recently, the author learned from a domestic supply chain that Apple has made full preparations for its full screen, ordering hundreds of dispensing machines from a domestic dispensing equipment manufacturer. There is no doubt that full screen has become inevitable in Apple's new products. Medium density fiberboard gb/t11718 ⑴ 999 recently, there were more and more news that the iPhone 8 will be equipped with a 3D camera. The emergence of these two messages is "Tianda" good news for Kailong optoelectronics

from the perspective of comprehensive screen, in order to cope with the impact of comprehensive screen on major supply chain manufacturers, Kailong optoelectronics has the ability to mass produce small camera modules; In the 3D camera market, Kailong has made an early layout, and began to carry out the 3D camera industry layout in early 2015. With the in-depth cooperation with strategic partners, Kailong optoelectronics has completed the yield climb and rapidly formed a scale supply capacity

there are only four solution providers that can mass produce 3D cameras in the world: apple, Intel, Microsoft and Obi Zhongguang. At present, Obi Zhongguang's products have cooperated with most domestic TV manufacturers. With the popularity of 3D cameras in intelligent terminals, this market will be immeasurable in the future

the author found that major industrial chains have increased 3D cameras. What really pushed this round of overweight action to a climax was that Apple had signed 150million 3D sensors for the iPhone, and untouched technology received millions of dollars of investment from innoangel. According to incomplete statistics, since the iphone8 was frequently reported to be equipped with 3D cameras, many camera manufacturers in China have actively deployed 3D cameras to achieve "corner overtaking"

up to now, the 3D camera product line of Kailong optoelectronics has been supplied in large quantities for more than two years from the TV body. The yield of the production line is high, and it has also been highly appraised. Kailong optoelectronics has been at the forefront of 3D camera technology, and has considerable advantages over other manufacturers

as for the revenue estimate of the camera business this year, Kailong optoelectronics said that due to the market impact, the revenue of the camera is expected to exceed 800million yuan this year, with a year-on-year increase of nearly 2-3 times

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