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Liugong first appeared as a British direct company at plantworx 2019

Liugong first appeared as a British direct company. It is actually four (or eight) strain gauges with the same resistance. At plantworx 2019

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from June 11 to 13, 2019, the biennial plantworx exhibition was held in Peterborough, a city in Central England, which is not only the most influential exhibition in the British construction machinery industry, It is also a feast for major brands to compete for excellence and strength. Liugong first appeared on the industry stage with the new identity of Liugong direct UK, a British direct company

a total of 437 brands participated in this exhibition, including not only well-known benchmark brands in the industry, but also local agent suppliers. About 20000 visitors came here

panorama of Liugong's booth

the theme of Liugong's exhibition is "listening to customers and creating value", showing a total of 8 equipment in seven models, including clg909ecr, clg915e, clg924e, clg928e, clg950e and clg877h. Among them, clg909ecr and clg950e ultra-high boom excavators are specially developed for leasing and demolition customers, which fully demonstrates Liugong's determination and strong strength to continue to invest and be customer-oriented in Western European market segments


from the early design stage when the temperature change rate of clg909ecr excavator generally requires 1 ℃/min to the use of the product, the R & D team has maintained close contact and communication with European companies. As a new model, clg909ecr fills the gap of Liugong's 9-ton short tail small excavation in Britain, where the demand for small excavation is increasing year by year. Yangma engine complying with European IIIB emission standard and Rexroth load sensitive hydraulic system are adopted to ensure reliability and stability, energy efficiency and smooth operation. It is worth mentioning that clg909ecr has a wide range of applications, from buckets, crushing hammers, hydraulic shears to grab buckets, and its flexible auxiliary pressure and flow regulation meet the needs of the diversity of working conditions in the UK market

clg950e ultra-high boom excavator

and clg950e is the "high" bright spot of this exhibition. In order to adapt to the extreme working conditions of demolition users, Liugong UK company carries a 30 meter ultra-high boom on clg950e, towering through the clouds, dominating the whole audience, and many visitors stop to watch. At the same time, clg950e still adheres to the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, reliability, durability, safety and comfort shown by Liugong e series excavators. With the original Ousi Cummins engine, clg950e has the leading digging power among the products of the same tonnage in the industry, and has major technological breakthroughs and innovations in electromechanical hydraulic matching and reliability

Liugong dynamic demonstration best operator award

plantworx exhibition is characterized by the fact that mainstream brands will arrange their own product dynamic demonstration areas and select the best operators to present the perfect performance of the equipment. In Liugong exhibition area, Alister Morton manipulated clg924e equipped with engcon tilt rotation accessory and won the honor of best operator of 2019 plantworx with exquisite technology. He said: Liugong clg924e has abundant power, easy operation, wide vision in the cab, smooth movement, and all kinds of excellent performance make his hands follow his heart

in addition to this automatically formed report, at this exhibition, Liugong officially announced the establishment of Liugong UK direct sales company at the press conference, and many media were invited to attend

Howard Dale, chairman of Liugong UK, said: "as a Chinese brand, Liugong has always had a clear strategic deployment in the European market, and will focus on five aspects: production and manufacturing, accessories, staffing, European headquarters and R & D Center for a long time, and continue to increase investment."

"Liugong has always been adhering to the confidence of exploring the UK market and has no idea of the mission of serving customers with fair data. The establishment of a British direct company is a milestone in Liugong's internationalization. It also marks that Liugong will provide customers with more stable financing support, a more comprehensive product line, a fuller and faster supply of accessories and a more diverse service policy, so as to realize the increase of added value in the whole value chain and take a stronger posture And compete with international brands. "

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