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Behind the "epidemic" of industrial interconnection war, we need to speed up the improvement of information and digital support capacity

prevention and control of COVID-19, which is related to the safety of the people; Stable production is related to the survival of enterprises and the rise and fall of industries. Anti epidemic disaster relief and stabilizing the economy is a race against time and a test of digital capacity-building. In this people's war, which is strongly led by the central government, participated by 1.4 billion people and actively responded by thousands of enterprises, the new generation of information technology represented by industrial Internet platforms has played a crucial role

focusing on the difficult problems faced in the prevention and control of the epidemic, such as the connection between supply and demand, emergency support, resumption of production and resumption of work, information technology enterprises represented by industrial Internet platforms have carried out a lot of fruitful work in a timely manner, leading the first to launch the digital anti epidemic war in terms of joint prevention and control of the epidemic and efficient allocation of materials. At the same time, the epidemic crisis also profoundly shows that China's informatization and digitalization support in industrial chain coordination, social governance and other aspects is insufficient. It is urgent to accelerate the construction of new digital infrastructure and vigorously promote digital transformation

digital challenge

after the outbreak of COVID-19, industrial Internet enterprises quickly carried out platform based integrated services, which effectively supported the integration of resources and efficient use of materials in the whole society, reflecting the positive results of China's information construction and digital transformation. However, at the same time, the epidemic also exposed the shortcomings of the LED touch screen in China's manufacturing emergency support, industrial chain coordination, precise material delivery and other aspects, posing a higher challenge to the construction of digital capacity. Under the crisis, it is urgent to improve emergency response and development capabilities through digital transformation

1 the level of big data is not high, which affects the accurate matching of materials

since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the surge in demand for medical materials has triggered an acute shortage, and the support work has attracted attention from all parties. Through the extensive organization of resumption of work and production, the production capacity has been greatly improved, but the supply of key medical materials such as medical protective clothing, medical protective masks and goggles is still facing challenges. Therefore, it is urgent to improve the level of big data construction, especially to promote the construction of industrial big data and industrial big data, fully tap the application potential of industrial Internet platforms in comprehensively linking manufacturing resources across the country, accurately promoting the connection between supply and demand, and comprehensively optimizing resource allocation, solve the problems of resource adaptation and dislocation caused by information asymmetry, and form a chess game in the national manufacturing industry, Promote the modernization of emergency management capacity of China's manufacturing industry

2 the digitalization of the industrial chain is weak and lacks the ability of risk management and control.

nowadays, the global economic chain is intertwined and inseparable. China's industrial system has complete categories and strong supply chain supporting capacity, and has been deeply integrated into the global industrial division. The COVID-19 not only makes China's manufacturing industry face a big test, but also causes the global domino effect. To this end, it is urgent to accelerate the improvement of the digitalization level of the industrial chain of key industries in China, give full play to the outstanding advantages of the platform in the oil delivery valve and oil return valve of the hydraulic universal experimental machine, gather personnel, materials, equipment, data, knowledge and other resource elements, open up the material flow, capital flow, information flow and other key nodes in the vertical and horizontal industrial chain within the enterprise, and provide an important carrier for research, development, production and manufacturing in other places, Provide key guarantee for industrial chain coordination and integration

3 the lack of flexible production capacity restricts the allocation of production capacity

this epidemic makes us further realize the necessity and urgency of accelerating the improvement of the rapid response capacity and flexible production capacity of China's manufacturing system. Although the epidemic is on holiday, affecting the normal operation of enterprises, after the outbreak of the epidemic, the relevant government departments quickly organized and mobilized relevant enterprises in various regions to stop vacation and resume production. 60% of the production capacity was restored on February 3. At present, medical civilian masks are still in urgent need. On the one hand, the production raw materials and production capacity cannot be accurately matched; On the other hand, many manufacturing enterprises do not have the ability of flexible and rapid production change. Therefore, it is urgent to rely on the platform's powerful functions of supply and demand data docking and analysis, capacity optimization and allocation, intelligent optimization and scheduling, improve the flexible production capacity of manufacturing enterprises, carry out mass customization and rapid production of strategic materials, and realize the efficient allocation of potential effective capacity in the whole society

4 it is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to transform, and they urgently need to drive and lead

the delay in resumption of work, delayed order delivery, blocked supply chain, and broken capital flow caused by the epidemic have made China's manufacturing small enterprises suffer all kinds of unbearable pain, which also reflects the weak points of China's small and medium-sized enterprises, such as low digitalization process, weak business continuity management ability, insufficient anti risk ability, and poor cash flow. Therefore, it is urgent to create a new mode of serving small and medium-sized enterprises based on new platforms such as industrial interconnection. On the one hand, we should support the deep application of digital technology to link the upstream and downstream industries, integrate industrial resource elements, and build a centralized collection and marketing platform to provide more order opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises; On the other hand, we will carry out new industrial financing credit investigation services based on the industrial Internet platform, reduce the financing threshold of small and medium-sized enterprises and broaden financing channels

new journey of digital

facing the challenges, it is urgent to accelerate the construction of new digital infrastructure such as industrial interconnection platforms, really promote the digital transformation, promote the interconnection of all elements, the whole industrial chain and the whole value chain of China's manufacturing industry, and improve the digital level of the modern industrial system

1 accelerate the construction of new digital, strengthen transformation support, develop new digital infrastructure such as industrial interconnection platforms, and comprehensively improve the level of digital and intelligent production and operation of enterprises. Realize networking collaboration from the whole value chain of enterprise R & D and design, production and manufacturing, operation and management, supply chain control and customer service, help enterprises break through geographical restrictions, realize information sharing and remote office, and improve work efficiency. Based on the platform, efficiently integrate the internal production resources of industrial enterprises to build intelligent factories, realize the dynamic optimal allocation of production resources and rapid response to market demand fluctuations

2 promote the construction of big data, provide accurate measures

build classified industrial big data and industrial cloud maps covering countries, industries, regions, etc., and monitor key data of key industries in real time. Relying on the big data analysis and mining capabilities of the industrial Internet platform, the overview of the industry and regional industries is visually displayed according to the needs of industrial governance, providing data support for accurate policy implementation. Using the digital development capability of the platform, develop and deploy various command and dispatching systems according to the needs of industrial governance, assist the government to effectively carry out urban governance, supply chain emergency response and strategic material command and management, and ensure the implementation of various policies by digital means

3 promote the industry to the cloud, improve the coordination ability of the industrial chain

integrate the resources of the segmented industry, build the cloud industry. As early as 2002, Nokia launched the 8910 cluster with titanium alloy shell, speed up the opening of the industrial production chain, logistics chain and capital chain, and realize the connection of the whole industrial chain of the segmented industry and the optimal allocation of resources. Promote industry leading enterprises to build industrial interconnection platforms for segmented industries, guide small and medium-sized enterprises to go on and use platforms, gather industry production, supply and marketing resources, build cloud based industrial chains based on platforms, break through factory physical boundaries, and realize end-to-end collaborative production. Through the construction of a visible management cloud platform throughout the whole logistics chain, real-time management and control of the whole logistics chain and all channels can be achieved, which can effectively support the efficient operation of the enterprise supply chain

4 establish an emergency system to promote the safety development of manufacturing industry

build a risk early warning and emergency support system based on the industrial Internet platform to provide key basic guarantee for the emergency treatment of major events in the future. On the one hand, build a highly automated and intelligent manufacturing risk early warning system based on the platform. Through real-time tracking and monitoring of raw material supply, production organization, etc. in strategic industries, grasp the production capacity, output, inventory and other conditions of key materials, and carry out risk early warning. On the other hand, build an emergency support system for key materials in China's strategic industries based on the platform, which can quickly mobilize the industrial resources connected to the platform in case of crisis to ensure the production and supply of strategic materials in special periods. At the same time, it can realize the emergency allocation, precise matching and emergency support of key materials nationwide, resolve risks and minimize losses

transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises

1 cultivate the concept of a, C, D, N, t scale for enterprise digital transformation

in the era of digital economy, the previous value creation model is difficult to support the urgent needs of enterprises for change, especially in the case of epidemic. Enterprise leaders should recognize that digital transformation is an important way to extend the life cycle of enterprises. SARS has indirectly promoted Internet commerce, and new technologies such as cloud services, mobile Internet, big data and ai+5g have played a key role in the Wuhan epidemic. Enterprise leaders should be aware of the necessity of turning operations to digital drive and how to use the existing large platform support to carry out their own more efficient and flexible microservice architecture business model

2 promote the flexibility and humanization of enterprise management

accelerate the digital application of enterprises and carry out digital operations. Obtain the use rights of all kinds of office service software by leasing, purchasing and other methods, carry out remote office and video conference services, and help the remote office, automation and intelligent production. Thus, we can work at home without stopping production. Reasonable compliance should be done to return employees to their posts, and online attendance should be carried out to avoid employee aggregation and cross infection. Design an appropriate online assessment system, refine performance assessment standards, and realize the flexibility and humanization of working hours when ensuring work efficiency

3 make full use of the existing network business platforms, such as and Alibaba, to carry out platform based operations. The outbreak of the epidemic has made more and more suppliers and consumers turn from offline to online. Based on this, a high trust supply system and consumption system will become the core of enterprise management. Create a new model of the new economy, make full use of the Internet, implement the online service model, develop online customer resources, and timely help their own enterprises stop losses. In addition, small and medium-sized enterprises need to take advantage of policy advantages, and use logistics supply chain platforms such as,, and Alibaba to gradually restore their own logistics, and make reasonable estimates of their own information flow and capital flow. So as to reasonably evaluate their own business conditions and the collaborative supply relationship between internal and external, so as to quickly integrate enterprises into the market after the end of the epidemic

4 the government actively promotes the cloud service of small and medium-sized enterprises

the outbreak of the epidemic highlights the shortcomings of traditional enterprise data operation and processing. Small and medium-sized enterprises are in urgent need of convenient access to computing, storage, software, data and other services through the cloud, so as to reduce the cost of information construction, promote the development of the sharing economy, change the traditional mode of operation, and improve the efficiency of R & D management

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