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Liugong products attracted attention at the CTT exhibition in Russia

on May 30, Liugong's Russian dealers appeared at the Russian International Construction and construction machinery exhibition with 8 sets of equipment. The exhibition was grandly held in Moscow. It is one of the largest and most influential engineering machinery and technology exhibitions in the Russian speaking region (as shown below)

Liugong products Russia 6. At the end of the operation of the sand slurry tensile testing machine, the Russian dealers of Liugong exhibited the company's new H-series loaders and the mainstream construction machinery products sold in the Russian area. It includes 2 loaders of clg835h and clg856h models, 1 clg920e excavator, 1 clg4215 grader, 1 clg614h roller, 2 forklifts and 1 td-15m RUISTA bulldozer

once the product was displayed, it attracted many customers. At the exhibition site, professional explanations and on-site demonstrations by employees of the company and dealers were highly eye-catching, and the company's products also left a deep impression on customers

Russia is one of the company's important strategic markets. The company has been taking various measures to continue to strengthen the development and construction of Russia's early resin transfer molding Ross market. This year, the Russian market recovered, and major projects led by the government and large-scale industrial and mining projects invested by individuals started one after another, which also made the industry generally optimistic about the market. The company's spare parts warehouse in Russia has been put into operation, and the continuous operation of ZF and Cummins training centers such as 000 gated channel 0 has provided strong support for the company to further develop and build the Russian market

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