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Liugong parts all star lineup shining 2019cicee

Liugong parts all star lineup shining 2019cicee

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from May 15 to 18, 2019 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition (2019cicee) with the theme of "intelligent new generation construction machinery" was grandly held in the beautiful star city of Changsha. 1150 enterprises from China, South Korea, Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries showed up at the exhibition with new products and technologies. Liugong brought 26 complete machine products such as loaders, excavators, graders, forklifts and bulldozers, as well as an all-star lineup composed of key parts and components such as power systems, transmission systems, hydraulic systems, high-quality castings and cabs

at the 180 square meter booth of W2 hall in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, Liugong brought the audience a feast of "engineering machinery parts system solutions" in the most intuitive and open way, so that the audience from all over the world could truly appreciate the charm of core parts matching Liugong's complete machine products "extreme working conditions, strong core"

On the first day of the exhibition, Zeng Guang'an, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Liugong group, explained the parts products to the visiting group. At the parts booth, Ma Kai, former Vice Premier of the State Council, and Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, but it has more strict specifications and inspection standards. Du Jiahao, Secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee, Xu Dazhe, deputy secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee and governor, as well as the main leaders of Changsha The pavilion tour group composed of key entrepreneurs mainly introduced the innovative achievements and quality advantages of key components such as power system, transmission system, hydraulic system and supporting castings

Zeng Guang'an introduced Liugong hydraulic torque converter to Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany.

"great power heavy equipment" - Liugong 12 ton hydraulic torque converter, and then put on the spotlight.

Liugong's independently developed maximum traction hydraulic torque converter, which was listed in CCTV's "great power heavy equipment" in 2018, attracted extensive attention from industry insiders and domestic and foreign audiences, and became the "favorite" of the audience on the first day of the exhibition. It adopts fluid analysis technology, 3D printing technology and core assembly technology to realize the strict requirements of high-end products for high precision and high reliability, and provides a strong core for China's first self-developed 12 ton loader, making China the fourth country with a 12 ton wheel loader manufacturing capacity after the United States, Japan and Sweden

Zhang Min, general manager of Shantui, visited Liugong parts exhibition area

the start of Liugong parts business can be traced back to 1959, when Liugong casting and machining workshops were established. In the 1960s, Liugong started the R & D and manufacturing of torque converter, hydraulic parts and other parts, during which the products and manufacturing system were upgraded several times. Starting from 1995, Liugong began to combine the parts and components system - working together with German ZF twice to produce and develop gearboxes and drive axles; Establish a joint venture with Cummins to provide exclusive power for construction machinery products; Technical cooperation with Kawasaki on the rotary reducer of excavator; Acquire Poland zzn large transmission and gear business, etc

customize the medium and high-end transmission system for the Chinese market

the loader transmission system bp230 gearbox produced by Liuzhou ZF in order to promote the healthy and orderly development of the polyurethane insulation industry is a new generation gearbox developed by German ZF group based on ergopower gearbox to adapt to the Chinese market, Equipped with multi-functional components, we also have to control the amount of graphene added into plastic (maybe only 1% or less) to improve operation comfort and fuel economy and reduce noise. Through highly integrated electro-hydraulic control components, we can realize automatic gear shifting and GPS remote monitoring

serialization of high-quality hydraulic system solutions

Liugong hydraulic parts have been equipped with loader quantitative system, constant variable system and variable system, realizing the value-added experience of working efficiency, economy and operability from 100% to 150%. Variable system hydraulic components lead the technical direction of the domestic loader industry and are sold to loader products in developed countries. "High end load sensitive flow amplification valve and distribution valve" has become standard. The crane upper hydraulic system realizes the system matching of high-end main control valve, pilot valve, central swivel and brake valve. The product has passed 2million pulse durability tests to ensure its high reliability. The application of hydraulic system has been extended to the field of agricultural machinery and environmental sanitation machinery, and a series of cylinder solutions can be provided

exclusive power of leading construction machinery

in the center of the booth, a touch of red attracted people to stop. The two engines jointly produced by Liugong and Cummins were particularly eye-catching. Among them, the L9 electronically controlled engine with a power range of horsepower optimizes the engine characteristics based on the operating load spectrum of the loader, and adopts the invention patent - "hump curve" power regulation technology, which is perfectly matched with the ton loader, while meeting China's non road phase IV emission standard. Qsb7 electric control engine provides exclusive power for ton excavator. Its fuel system adopts innovative nanotechnology, saving cost in the whole life cycle. Zeng Guangan said that this is a heart suitable for construction machinery

green casting provides customers with high-quality products

Liugong casting shows the R & D and manufacturing capabilities of high-end hydraulic parts, engineering machinery transmission castings and large motor castings. Relying on the large-scale green casting base in Southwest China, the application of casting simulation, 3D printing and liquid metal refining technology can provide customers with systematic valve casting solutions, as well as casting solutions such as hydraulic pumps, motors and reducers, and realize the batch matching of high-end castings to international well-known brand customers

a high-end cab made by Weixiang company was also unveiled at this exhibition. The perfect appearance and 309 ° panoramic view of Britain's top designers attracted a large number of visitors to test drive

Wenwu introduced Liugong's parts and components products to the leaders of the industry branch

on the second day of the exhibition, the guest leaders of the soil removal and transportation branch and the supporting parts branch of China Construction Machinery Association visited Liugong's booth. The vice president of Wenwu introduced in detail the key characteristic products in the three fields of power, transmission and hydraulic pressure of Liugong's parts and components system, as well as the high-end valves, pumps, motors Reducer casting research and development capabilities and the latest products. In this exhibition, Liugong's parts and components products won the recognition of the industry and customers, among which two major products, including constant variable multi-channel valve castings, won the "high quality product award" of Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition

"customer orientation, quality makes the future; people-oriented, cooperation creates value." High quality parts quality and complete parts supply system are the important guarantee for Liugong to realize customer value-added. From the delivery of parts and components such as power system, transmission system, hydraulic system, high-quality castings and cab to the ability to create system solutions, Liugong has always been committed to providing customers with competitive parts products and services, and supporting the leading technology of the whole machine with excellent quality and innovative products

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