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Liugong participated in the 10th India excon Machinery Exhibition

recently, the biennial excon machinery exhibition, the largest in South Asia, was grandly held in Bangalore, India. The exhibition gathered the world's top construction machinery brands, with a full range of loaders, E-Series excavators, graders, rollers, and an agreed investment of 3.178 billion yuan; Three bulldozers, cranes, forklifts and other more than 20 kinds of equipment for projects with more than 1billion yuan attended the exhibition, which fully explained that Liugong was a professional provider of comprehensive solutions for earthwork and pavement, and became a shining star in the audience

the equipment on display this time are all products carefully built by Indian Liugong in recent years and deeply loved by users. For example, 4180d grader is a 2019 "red dot product design award" product that won the reputation of "Oscar in industrial design industry" in April this year. After being introduced into the Indian market, it has received high attention from customers. 848h, 856h and 870h loaders have been favored by the Indian market and customers. This series of "God cars" that integrate the instantaneous rotation center with sliding technology and art, refresh the efficiency to a new level, and create greater value for customers. The localized roller clg611, excavator 923e and 926ehd are all designed and developed for the special working conditions of the Indian market. In addition, tc600c5 crane, which entered the Indian market for the first time, also added a beautiful scenery to Liugong's booth

Liugong OVM, which just set up a subsidiary in India this month, also appeared on the booth, just like the appearance of wanlvcong fixture. 3 When the oil return valve is opened, a little red will shine in the audience

Zeng Guangan, chairman of Liugong, attended the launching ceremony. There was an endless stream of visitors, customers and visitors at Liugong booth, including those who were interested in equipment and the company's history and culture. The staff answered them one by one on the spot

although the overall Indian construction machinery industry market fell by 20% due to the impact of India's national economic downturn, the sales of Liugong excavators, rollers, bulldozers and other models in India rose year-on-year against the trend, and the market share of each model increased year-on-year. Through this exhibition, customers' recognition of Liugong brand will be stronger

on the eve of the exhibition, chairman Zeng Guangan of Liugong, together with Huang Xiangquan, vice president of the group company, and Luo guobing, vice president of the joint stock company, waited for Liugong in India to visit and investigate

during the field inspection of the factory production, he carefully inspected the manufacturing process of excavator structural parts, which can improve the foaming degree by 60%. He was very happy to see that the welding quality of walking frame, dipper bar and bucket had been greatly improved compared with last year. At the same time, I listened carefully to the introduction of the quality and productivity improvement of the three robots newly added this year, including cutting groove, excavator stick welding and walking frame welding, and participated in the launching ceremony of walking frame welding robot and the award ceremony of the first welding skills competition of Liugong, India

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