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"Liugong Santa Claus" sends warmth to students of hope primary school

"Liugong Santa Claus" sends warmth to students of hope primary school

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"my Christmas hat is shiny and beautiful!" "Thank you, brother and sister. Merry Christmas!" December 25th is Christmas 2003. On this day, a group of "Santa Claus" from Liugong came to Gantang Guoshui hope primary school in Liujiang county. Some of these "Santa Claus" are "Smurfs" wearing blue Liugong uniforms in the mainframe factory of Liugong loader company, and some are "gray wolf" wearing gray uniforms in Guangxi Weixiang company. They brought financial aid, apples, milk, stationery and other Christmas gifts with good chemical stability to heat, oxidation, hydrolysis and so on. They had a special Christmas with their classmates. The students were very happy. The senior students were so happy that they even talked about English - "Merry Christmas!", "thank you for my gift!"

since they learned that more than 100 students in the school were mostly left behind children, and many students' families were in financial difficulties, Liugong loader company mainframe factory and Guangxi Weixiang company issued love proposals in their units to raise scholarships. The activity received strong support from the party, labor union and staff of these two units, and soon raised more than 8000 yuan of love money. This love money is used for the distribution of scholarships and the purchase of sporting goods and consolation articles

in the afternoon of the same day, more than 170 teachers and students of the school gathered on the playground to watch the ceremony of granting scholarships and sporting goods. Each of the 15 students with excellent grades but poor families received a financial aid of 300 yuan. The representative of the company handed over a batch of recreational and sports supplies to the representatives of the school, including air volleyball, basketball, stationery, Liu Gong's 55th anniversary "plastic instead of steel" album, etc. "Santa Claus" also handed out a fiery Christmas hat to every student present. The children couldn't wait to put on the hat, and the playground immediately showed a fiery and warm holiday scene

this activity also provided meals for the teachers and students of the school who printed out the test report. Each of them had an apple, a box of milk and a chicken wing for lunch. The Liu workers' representatives present had a cordial exchange with the teachers and students and exchanged holiday greetings. "Thank Liu Gong's brother and sister for coming to see us and bringing so many gifts. We are very happy. In the future, we should study hard and repay those who help us with excellent results." The children were holding gifts excitedly, and their joy was beyond expression

the person in charge of this activity said that the baton of the love student activity between the mainframe factory and Guangxi Weixiang company will be passed on all the time. The organization personnel will visit the children from time to time to help them materially and spiritually, so that they can feel the warmth of the social family and the happiness of childhood

"Liugong is a large state-owned enterprise with a sense of society. Children are the future of the country. It is the duty of all sectors of our society to pay attention to the physical and mental health and happy growth of children." Liu Shuo, deputy secretary of the Liugong Youth League Committee, said

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