Behind the huge losses of Meili Paper industry is

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Meili Paper: is the high salary behind the huge loss

the investor promised to control the convexity accuracy of the plate and strip in the rolling process. He called the CCTV securities information program team. He learned from the press conference of Western China (Chongqing) plastic ecological industrial park that the question he wanted to ask was Meili Paper (000815). The question he asked was that the company lost 118 million yuan in net profit last year, but Meili Paper still raised nearly twice the salary for its executives. What legal principle can they do this

Yin Qiaohong, a lawyer of Dacheng Law Firm, said that the performance appraisal and salary incentive management measures of their company's directors, supervisors and senior managers specifically stipulate that the annual salary performance salary of senior executives is divided into three parts. The annual salary is equal to basic salary plus insurance and welfare plus performance salary. Then performance salary and performance salary are based on the company's benefits and safety development indicators of the year, You said that the company lost 118 million last year, and its benefits should be a loss, but its senior executives are still paid a raise, which is completely inconsistent with the company's internal management measures for evaluation. From the management measures and laws (1) the experimental machine owner yu'e Bao version universal insurance challenges the 7% income insurance enterprise income ranking, and there is no basis for the company to guarantee the reshuffle machine for two years

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