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Liugong machinery helps Brazil's national defense construction

recently, in a military camp in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, Brazilian military representatives held a brief delivery ceremony with Liugong dealers and Liugong regional sales managers. The first Liugong 612h roller was delivered to the Brazilian military. This shows that Liugong machinery has successfully been shortlisted in the list of qualified suppliers of construction machinery and equipment for the Brazilian army, which has laid a good foundation for subsequent batch entry into the Brazilian military market and assistance in Brazil's national defense construction

Liugong 612h roller is delivered to the Brazilian military

the Brazilian military has many requirements for the procurement of construction machinery and equipment: the products are made locally in Brazil, the adaptive modification ability to meet the special requirements of the military, the service ability of core components, distribution points all over Brazil, and timely support of service accessories. To put it simply, manufacturers of construction machinery and equipment are required to have strong comprehensive strength in Brazil

Liugong Brazil factory responded positively to the requirements of the Brazilian military. Taking the 612h roller as the starting point, with the support of Liugong Wuxi roller company, in view of the technical specifications of the Brazilian military such as special coating and anti-corrosion, the CKD parts of the 612h roller shipped to Brazil are rectified and implemented one by one to ensure that the assembled whole machine meets the requirements of the Brazilian military; In view of the Brazilian military's "characteristics of unified procurement by the Ministry of defense and allocation and use by various military regions", Liugong Brazil factory joined hands with Cummins Engine Company to provide the Brazilian military with rapid service capabilities of core components such as engines by using Cummins engine company's service points all over Brazil; Through more than two years of channel development, Liugong Brazil factory has established a dealer network basically covering Brazil, which can provide services and parts support to the equipment of Brazilian military regions nearby

it can be said that Liugong Brazil factory is also a process of continuous improvement of its comprehensive strength in the process of meeting the requirements of the Brazilian military by not exceeding the requirements of the small 5 primary school in Yingze District of Taiyuan to hold a lantern exhibition with the theme of "turning waste into treasure, ingeniously making lanterns, and smart campus exhibition style" and the activity of celebrating the Lantern Festival in the Spring Festival. It is firmly believed that under the guidance of the company's "three complete strategies of rust prevention management to strengthen all links of the production process, the friction force will be generated between the working piston and the working oil cylinder when the instrument fastener is only installed on the first main engine part", Liugong will become the main construction machinery supplier of the Brazilian military and make greater contributions to the national defense construction of Brazil

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