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These common sense will help you properly "escape the summer" for the instruments and equipment.

in summer, due to the hot weather and humid indoor environment, many instruments and equipment need additional inspection and maintenance. For those who have not been exposed to complex instruments, they may not understand that the price of many instruments and equipment on the market often exceeds 100000 million. However, these expensive, precise and highly sensitive instruments and equipment, especially measuring instruments, are also vulnerable to various environmental factors

30 the high temperature weather with the impact strength increased by more than degrees will finally step on the "tail" of June! I believe that many people have prepared various "artifact" for sunscreen, cooling and summer heat relief early, waiting to meet this heat wave. Of course, the laziest way is to "stay at home" and enjoy the WiFi watermelon of air conditioning at home without leaving home. However, whether it is windy or rainy or hot or cold, many instruments and equipment must operate as usual, which can be said to be "rain or shine"

due to the complex manufacturing process of instruments and equipment and the use of many components, temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference and other factors are easy to affect these components, thus introducing unstable factors. Therefore, the impact of various environmental factors on instruments and equipment is taken into account in the construction planning of the computer room or laboratory

summer is hot and rainy, accompanied by lightning weather. How can we make our high-precision instruments survive this hot summer without affecting their operation

remember to lower the temperature of the instrument and avoid "cold and hot"

as we all know, temperature is the primary factor among various environmental factors. Higher temperature will have an adverse effect on the use of most precision instruments. Even within the specified service temperature range, components made of various materials will be distorted and deformed due to different expansion coefficients due to temperature changes. In particular, some measuring instruments are prone to errors in the benchmark, resulting in the distortion of measurement results. This temperature change will also cause the parameters of electronic components of the instrument to drift, affecting the test accuracy and the life of electronic components

precautions: ① when using instruments and equipment, the ambient temperature should be within the short range of the standard temperature required by the instrument as far as possible, and can be adjusted by installing air conditioners; ② Pay attention to the installation position of the air conditioner, and do not be too close to the equipment; ③ Reduce the temperature change caused by air conditioner on/off and frequent personnel access; ④ Avoid the direct contact of hands with some small precision instruments to cause temperature effects

high humidity is easy to rust, timely dehumidification delays the service life of the instrument

researchers in the laboratory usually pay attention to various elements of the environment where the instrument is located and make timely adjustments. However, many enterprises pay attention to the temperature control in the production process, but ignore the subtle influence of humidity on instruments and equipment

in some areas, it is rainy and humid in summer, and the indoor humidity is easy to be too high. The main impact of high humidity on large-scale instruments and equipment is corrosion. The working voltage of the metal part of the instrument and equipment is 5V, and the parts and circuits will be rusted due to high humidity. In complex integrated circuits, electronic components will not only rust, but also easy to short circuit. Most instrument failures are caused by poor contact or short circuit caused by circuit corrosion. If the condition is serious and cannot be maintained for a long time, the instrument will not only reduce the precision, but also greatly shorten the service life

points for attention: ① install dehumidifier equipment and timely adjust indoor humidity; ② As the temperature of the laboratory is lower than that of the outdoor in summer, the high-temperature saturated water vapor will be brought into the outdoor by personnel entering and leaving the laboratory; Water vapor attached to the instrument condenses into small drops of water, causing excessive humidity; Frequent personnel access should be avoided as far as possible, and the humidity in the laboratory should be kept stable; ③ Hands are prone to sweat in hot weather. It is best to wear gloves to avoid direct contact with the instrument

pay attention to lightning protection in thunderstorm weather

there are many thunderstorms in summer. Once the instrument encounters lightning, it will be fatal damage. Direct lightning and induction lightning are the most harmful. Direct lightning strike will directly puncture the electronic components of the instrument, which is easy to cause fire. The inductive lightning will invade along the power line, causing the discharge of instruments and equipment, causing short circuit and even more damage

notes: ① in order to prevent lightning current from entering the instrument and equipment, the instrument can be disconnected from the antenna, ground wire and power line in thunderstorm weather. ② Lightning arrester, isolation transformer, filter and other equipment shall be used to avoid lightning strike circuit intrusion

in addition, pay attention to the cleanliness of instruments and equipment at ordinary times, and remove ash and dust in time. Air filters or fresh air systems can be installed to update the air in the laboratory. Although some high-precision instruments are quite large, there are still many "delicate" times. In order to keep the instruments and equipment in normal operation in this hot summer and ensure the accuracy and stability, it is necessary to think more about it

if the above points can be achieved, your indoor environment and instruments and equipment can be well maintained, so that your instruments and equipment can have a longer service life. The sales volume of new energy passenger cars with instruments and equipment has dropped to 8719 with multiple fine components. Reasonable and careful maintenance will help you obtain more accurate data results

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