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Looking forward to 2017 CommVault recruitment enterprises how to deal with the data flood

as we all know, digitalization has become a new normal, and behind digitalization is massive data, which has become the unshakable foundation of our era and society

in this context, how to effectively protect and manage data has become a topic we need not avoid. As a leader in data protection and information management solutions, CommVault helps enterprises better manage and mine data value with its powerful data management platform and solutions. Looking forward to how CommVault recruitment enterprises will cope with the data flood in 2017, Wang Bo, general manager of CommVault Greater China, told ZD to the top that although the digital era has brought us many benefits, how to manage, protect and use a large amount of data in the digital era is a new challenge. Commvaul4 and metal tensile testing machine have been committed to the research and innovation of the data management market before loading the test piece, helping global enterprises better understand the development trend of the data market and formulate correct data management strategies

Cai Baoyong, technical director of CommVault China, added that the current development trend of it is mainly three directions to deepen practical cooperation with the EU and Russia in the field of raw materials, big data, cloud computing and mobile office. When facing these trends, enterprises will have a lot of confusion, such as how to make more efficient use of big data in the cloud era, and ensure the security and effective sharing of data in the process of mobile office. These are very consistent with CommVault in terms of data management concept

for enterprises, the most important asset is data. CommVault's solution can better protect data and make it easier for enterprises to access data. At the same time, with the help of CommVault data management platform, these data can be well coordinated and shared among various users and end users. Caibaoyong said

we say that in today's cloud era, a considerable amount of enterprise data has been cloud, but there are still a lot of data within the enterprise. In the data management market, a powerful data management platform is undoubtedly the cornerstone for enterprises to achieve data management. In order to better cope with data challenges, more and more enterprises are seeking new technologies and moving data into cloud services

if the unified management of these data is what enterprises need to face, in order to better manage data, enterprises need to ensure that data can be completely, seamlessly and orderly migrated between the cloud and the local system of the enterprise. CommVault's solution covers the whole life cycle of data management, thus helping enterprises better realize data management

Li Ke, the Asia Pacific Enterprise Solution Architect of CommVault, said that data must be perceived, that is, data must be searched and indexed, and can be managed. This is a very important step. A very important aspect of CommVault solution is to uniformly archive or arrange various types of data. This arrangement and archiving process will not vary due to the location of data storage and the structure of data types

that is to say, CommVault uses a complete system to compile and manage all types of heterogeneous, structured, unstructured and streaming data in a unified and highly scalable distributed architecture. It can even be said that our software platform itself is a big data platform. Li Ke said

finally, CommVault can help enterprises realize data collaboration after realizing the unified arrangement and management of massive data. This collaboration means that enterprises share different security requirements in different application fields according to the requirements of business logic through a unified and secure system and according to the uniformly defined permission architecture

development forecast of data management industry in 2017

as we enter 2017, just like the three major IT trends mentioned above, we have entered a period of rapid development. In the complex and changing it landscape, how can enterprises achieve effective data management? CommVault predicted the development of the data management industry this year

first of all, in 2017, enterprises will abandon single point solution providers and favor those with data management platforms. Because under the circumstances of continuous reduction of IT budget and limited resources, enterprises are seeking an overall solution that can effectively solve the data needs of enterprise technology exchange meetings chaired by Jiao Hongwen, Secretary General of the special committee. Moreover, the enterprise's IT system is becoming larger and larger, and an enhanced data management platform is essential. CommVault data management platform is an open and standards based platform, which can help customers make better use of data, improve it operations, and promote third-party innovation

secondly, it is estimated that by 2017, more than 80% of enterprise IT departments will adopt hybrid Cloud Architecture, and enterprises will continue to introduce hybrid infrastructure mode. With the increasing popularity of the hybrid infrastructure model, having unified data management capabilities has become a rigid demand for enterprises

thirdly, software definition is sweeping the entire IT market. Similarly, in data management, software definition data services have become a new trend. Software defined data services can not only reduce the cost of traditional hardware, but also achieve the performance and scalability required by big data, digital repositories, backup and other large digital workloads. Not only that, the software definition data service can also avoid the occurrence of supplier lock-in, increase the technical level of universal material testing machine, which represents the maintenance quality of frequency converter, add the use of cloud, and realize the rapid deployment of new applications and services

finally, intelligent data management can help enterprises automatically access data, and easily realize data conversion and synchronization between various applications, databases and various enterprise data lakes, so as to reduce costs and ensure good operation of enterprises, which has become the focus of enterprises today

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in the data management market, CommVault has the most complete overall data management product and service portfolio in the industry. With its data management platform and software to define data services, CommVault can help enterprises get rid of supplier lock-in, reduce costs, improve adaptability and flexibility, strengthen the expansion ability and performance of it, and enhance business insight

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