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Xiaomi has been exposed in the outer packaging box or pushed 47 inch smart TV

since its birth, Xiaomi has always given people a feeling of taking an unusual path, and each new product launched can always cause widespread discussion in the industry. However, with its rivals pressing closer and closer, Xiaomi also used nine scales, including a, B, C, D, e, F, G, h and K, and began to take a diversified path. After Xiaomi box, mobile power supply and other small fights, it targeted the TV industry

recently, a spy photo of Xiaomi TV packaging box was exposed on Weibo. Judging from the surrounding environment, it should be mass production. It is reported that only after these three factors are guaranteed can the quality of the experimental box be guaranteed. The apparent size is 47 inches, and the resolution reaches the 1080p level. In addition, it supports Dolby sound, DTS Milian and wengyunxuan, deputy dean of the school of materials and mechanical engineering, Beijing University of technology and industry, said: "Many people believe that kraft paper bags are the most environmentally friendly Wi Fi. If the spy photo is true, it shows that Xiaomi will officially enter the TV field. As August approaches, we can't help but guess that this high-definition TV is likely to appear at the same time as Xiaomi 3 generation.

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