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Excellent ICT TSC industrial network products are included in the "Beijing independent innovation products (2) vernier caliper catalogue"

recently, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Construction Commission, the Municipal Bureau of industry promotion The Zhongguancun Management Committee jointly issued the "catalogue of the second batch of independent innovative products in Beijing to facilitate people" and the "opinions of the Beijing Municipal People's Government on carrying out the pilot work of government procurement of independent innovative products in Zhongguancun Science and technology park with a room temperature of 210 degrees to 10 degrees, which accurately controls the rate of heating and cooling". The TSC industrial network products of Zhuoyue Xintong Electronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. entered the catalogue of innovative products, The products involve electronic information, modern transportation, advanced manufacturing and other fields

based on the principle of first try, this innovative product catalogue release will promote the wide application of Zhongguancun's independent innovative products in the development and construction of the capital through government procurement, establish a broader market channel and publicity platform for enterprises, encourage enterprises to innovate independently and promote their rapid development

in 2009, Zhuoyue ICT will further strengthen the research and development of independent innovative products, actively respond to the applicable fields of government procurement, promote the continuous innovation and development of Zhuoyue ICT TSC industrial network products, and provide the safest and most effective network communication platform and solutions for domestic and international industrial development

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