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Looking forward to the direct mail printing market in the United States in 2005, although the postal reform has achieved certain results, the economic recovery in 2004 still delayed it. After experiencing a good outcome in 2004, major businesses in the direct mail market are full of expectations for its market prospect in 2005, which mainly tests the fatigue performance of production materials

IWCO, located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, had an exciting growth in business sales and fiscal revenue in 2004. As president and CEO, Jim Anderson believes that the company has a good performance in the financial services and insurance markets. In these two parts, the complex personalized product model drives the success of the customer direct mail project. In order to meet the growing needs of customers, IWCO continues to make important investments in personalized production capabilities

in addition, the company's vertical solution provides the market with faster speed, which is what the direct mail market needs. At the same time, the speed can also mail more mail at a very low cost, which is more convenient

in the tourism, retail and software markets, the company has focused on strengthening customer loyalty and trustworthiness, and has also achieved good results. The company has established a core communication mode for the customer loyalty program, which has greatly improved the operation of the enterprise by reducing costs, improving quality, and delivering goods on time

the whole national economy has a great impact on the operation of Quebec world company. It is surprising that Mr. Peter Gargano, vice president of sales and manufacturing of the Department, believes that another factor is the impact of mergers and acquisitions of various departments on the company in 2004. However, Mr. Peter also mentioned that for Quebec world, the financial services industry and telecommunications industry are still the largest market areas of the company

Banta company, located in Menasha, WI, increased sales in four major consumer markets, such as retail, consumer packaged goods, financial services and agency work. Banta's summary report shows that the business volume of the company in the whole market has increased from the end of 2003 to 2004

in the retail industry, most retailers have carried out direct market campaigns in order to emerge from the competition, enhance brand awareness among customers, and promote the development of the company's business

for Donnelly, it also achieved good performance in 2004, which not only increased the output, but also increased the number of customer mail tests, and added new creativity and experimentation in more personalized and diversified replication

according to Gordon Grote, President of Moore Wallace's response to market services, creative testing is a very good add-on product for Donnelly, which enables Donnelly to expand its product platform and better integrate with commercial online post-processing and multi roller online matching products

grote said, "we have answered the questions about the use of more paper substrates, multicolor and all paper accessories associated with online post-processing. The innovation teams developing these new platforms are no longer constrained, so that they can have more layout choices in front of direct mail users."

grote notes that the advantage of variable imaging is that it allows mailers to change wording, reasonably copy and provide various featured services, such as code driven price lists. In turn, Donnelly can send more customized copies and save the types of mail, which can make the postal price lower and the production cycle shorter. These supply lines have been used by Donnelly's customers in the fields of finance, insurance and transportation

cross platform supply

one way Quebec world can promote the revenue stream of its direct mail market is to provide cross platform direct mail products, including retail products, catalogs and publications. The introduction of this concept can produce a variety of products and improve the market competitiveness of customers when they are moving towards a targeted and personalized market

banta's main growth involves sales training and database cleaning. Due to Banta's service scope, the sales staff of the company need to clearly explain the value, ability and service the company brings to customers. Cyze said, "we understand the production process of the whole direct mail market, from creative design, postal services, to multi-channel communication. We all know it clearly.

" when we integrate communication seamlessly, we can provide customers with more added services, thus creating a real partner state, which can help them create a truly customized marketing plan. "

the combination of moore/wallace and Donnelly is the combination of the two largest direct mail producers. When Moore merged with Wallace, it introduced a diverse digital printing performance, the ability of multi-color direct mail printing and the ability of complex post-processing operations. Later, Donnelly added a commercial rotary press and an online post-processing system. Result: when Nari became the core of excellence, it integrated the assets of 7 domestic equipment and 3 European equipment

"our customers also have the opportunity to process the pre production media resources through Donnelly as the front end, and then rely on Donnelly's logistics to send mail directly to customers." Grote said, "Donnelly's logistics is spread throughout every SCF in the country every day, and its annual mail delivery is about 19billion pieces."

in June 2004, IWCO announced a plan to increase the production capacity of its embossing workshop by 35%, reducing the production cycle by adding operating capacity, so as to support complex personalized direct mail production and services. So far, the company has invested more than $4million in high-speed mail equipment, including fixtures, embossing devices, indentation and page insertion equipment. In addition, the fifth generation Siemens Dematic sender bar code sorter for mixing is also added

in January 2005, IWCO also established the latest high-speed mail processing technology center in its headquarters. The center will have new high-speed equipment and technology, and 30million ~ 40million packaging products will be processed and produced every month

Gargano of Quebec world is very optimistic about the direct mail business in 2005. He said: "we will continue to monitor costs, especially for postal and paper costs. Any little increase will affect the market. The economy will play an important role, because it affects our overall operation and the market efforts of customers."

stabilization being produced

cyze believes that Banta's optimistic attitude indicates that the market will gradually stabilize in 2005. "After three years, the direct mail market transactions gradually recovered from the fear of 9/11." He said, "in previous years, due to the poor economic environment, market plans and business competition were cancelled one by one. Now, the company began to seek long-term growth plans and marketing strategies."

Donnelly's Grote believes that important opportunities have been found in the management of paper prices, consumer rights issues, volume fluctuations and postage costs. This is extremely important for printing houses to protect their profits by creating and managing purchase agreements, he said; Donnelly always pursues ways to make email more valuable to customers

direct mail has become a marketing work that enterprises are more and more willing to do. If the number is not enough, it will lead to the rise of unit cost. This makes it more difficult for traditional parcels to survive the ROI (return on investment) test

grote said, "we use stronger direct mail strategies and design activities to overcome the cost problem of minimum mail delivery. Postal costs are stable now, but customers are looking for ways to reduce costs. So we do everything so that we can provide postmen with the best choice through data processing and postal logistics solutions."

Anderson of IWCO will continue to see the expansion of the program in 2005, and will feel that direct mail is the best way to pursue the new customer market, which can activate previous customers and expand the "scope of making money" through existing customers

prospects: Postal Reform

although the legislative period in 2004 was short, and President Bush reluctantly met the needs of major changes by making payments on the recommendation of postal reform, most supporters of the reform (we can learn: anyone who does business through the mail) still understood, and they also realized that these major reforms were in trouble. Meanwhile, the postal service will increase in January, 2006

how big is the problem of direct mail reform? How much influence does the short-term state of affairs have? Our professional team in post Jim 8226; Anderson is the president and CEO of IWCO, He said that "postal reform is the most important issue affecting our business. We are disappointed that the great progress of the postal reform in 2004 has been limited by the short legislative period. The efforts made by our trade organization will arouse the support of the whole industry, and will also let us see the actual postal reform in 2005. We are full of confidence in this.

"Icwo will continue to be a major supporter of postal reform. Through our separate efforts and the support of trade organizations, it will help drive the passage of postal reform checks in the house and Senate earlier this year."

Peter Garg plasticity decline ano, Vice Executive President of sales and production of Quebec world company's direct department, said: "we will really pay attention to the cost, but we should treat it with the attitude of 'waiting and watching', which will really affect the overall quantity."

jim cyze is president of Banta direct marketing group, He believes: "It is hopeful that the reform will take place in the near future. The U.S. Postal service needs to readjust its cost structure to induce its operation and make it continue to use the postal system as an effectively implemented direct market strategy.

both the U.S. Postal Service and smaller operators feel that the increase in postal rates will have an effect in 2006. Smaller companies may have to go through a quite difficult period in this transformation, However, Banta will complement the breadth and depth of its services and business volume to continue to make customers profitable

gordon Grote is the president of Moore Wallace market service response and Donnelly, he said; "Postal reform is not a personal obstacle, because we have survived under the same rules since 1872, and we will continue to adopt them. Fortunately, because the direct Market Association and other associations lack postal reform, its arrival is inevitable. We have the opportunity to strengthen the U.S. Postal Service and government members, and occasionally let them know why all postal users need the national postal service I was deeply impressed by the reform. The organization needs to respond to the need of the current market to evaluate the quality of rivet wire rod. We are also happy to speak on behalf of our customers in an effective way

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