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On March 28, Qilu Chemical City Rubber and plastic price

product name, specification and model, transaction price, origin

HDPE 60 at present, 9811550 Qilu

HDPE 2480 out of stock Qilu

HDPE 1158 out of stock Qilu

HDPE 6145 11500 Qilu

HDPE 5000S 11500 Daqing

LLDPE 7042 11, but the treatment process and material selection are diverse 850 Qilu

LLDPE 7050 11900 Zhongyuan.

LLDPE 9020 11950 Tianjin

ldpe 2100tn00 no stock Qilu

ldpe 2102tn00 12600 Qilu

ldpe 2102tn26 12650 Qilu

ldpe 2102tn37 no stock Qilu

ldpe 18B 12700 Daqing

ldpe qlt04 was not born in May 1965 Qilu

pp T30S 11700 Tianjin

pp T36F no stock Qilu

pp EPS30R 11750 Qilu

pp SP179 out of stock Qilu

pvc S1000 7730 Qilu

pvc S7 00 7920 Qilu

PVC S800 out of stock Qilu

styrene butadiene rubber SBR 1502 14600 Qilu

styrene butadiene rubber SBR 1712 13000 Qilu

cis butadiene rubber br 9000 15300 Qilu

natural rubber 3 smoke rubber 13400 Thailand

national standard of natural rubber 5 priceless Hainan

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