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Pile foundation safety construction scheme

in the construction of bored piles, there are hole forming equipment, reinforcement cage production, electric welding equipment, lifting equipment, concrete mixing equipment and material transportation machinery, etc. in the construction organization design, safe construction should be considered for the construction sequence, machine location, on-site transportation, power supply and water supply routes

1. All motors, reeling machines, cranes, etc. set up by the pile driver shall be implemented in strict accordance with the relevant operating procedures and specifications: the power capacity and safety distance, cable section, transformer voltage must be implemented in accordance with the provisions in the instructions of the pile machine; the relevant electrical safety technology shall be constructed in strict accordance with the operating regulations of the temporary construction site

2. The ground of the pile yard should be flat and solid according to the requirements of slope not greater than 1% and ground endurance not less than 0.85kg/cm. There should be no obstacles underground: the construction area should be clearly marked and the facilities should be separated from the non operation area, "said Liu Yingjun. Non operators are strictly prohibited from entering the construction site: sufficient drainage facilities should be equipped around the foundation pit

3. When working on land, the site should be leveled, sundries removed, soft soil replaced and compacted The rig abutment should not be placed directly on the weak fill to avoid uneven settlement and accidents

4. When installing and disassembling the pile driver, it should be carried out in accordance with the order required by the original manufacturer's instructions and other regulations: the sleeper cushion interval for track laying should not be greater than 0.5m, and the two rail joints must fall on the miscellaneous sleepers, and the gauge deviation is 10mm The track slope is not more than 1%, and the height difference between the two rails is not more than 5 mm (when the track gauge is 4 m): when installing the pile hammer, we should transport the pile hammer to within 2 m in front of the pile frame, and do not lift it from a long distance

5. The specification and length of the steel wire rope must be selected according to the requirements of the manual: the steel wire rope should always be in the state of oil film Prevent hard friction: the threading and fixing of the steel wire rope must be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations, and it must be checked frequently. In case of wear and breakage, it should be handled according to the relevant steel wire rope scrapping standards: the used lifting clamps, ropes and tools must be qualified products

6. When embedding the pile casing, the central line drawing position and vertical position of the pile position shall be strictly controlled, and the embedding depth must ensure that there is no hole collapse caused by backwater at the side of the casing during the hole forming process If there is a pipeline near the pile hole, the buried depth of the casing should exceed the depth of the pipeline to protect the safe use of the pipeline in the hole forming process

7. The drilling is in place, and the frame cannot rest on the pile casing, so as to avoid water leakage of the pile casing caused by mechanical vibration, resulting in hole collapse and soil settlement around the hole, resulting in accidents

8. Mechanical drivers should be trained and examined by relevant departments before taking up their posts with certificates. During construction operations, they should concentrate, do not leave their posts casually, and often pay attention to the operation of machinery. If abnormal conditions are found, they should be corrected in time

9. The operator must obey the command signal to avoid accidents

10. In case of sudden torsional vibration of the drill during drilling, it must be reinforced and shut down to eliminate the faults in the hole

11. The drilled hole should be poured with concrete as soon as possible. If the concrete cannot be poured in time for some reason, it must be covered on the pile casing to avoid soil falling or personal falling accidents

12. When lifting the reinforcement cage with a pile machine, the rope must be tied on the pile; When lifting, the pile hammer should be dropped on the lower part first, and the pile hammer can be lifted only after the reinforcement cage is lifted close; During operation, the operator should monitor 1.5 meters away from the center of the pile hammer. It is strictly forbidden to hoist the reinforcement cage. When the hammer rotates or walks at the same time, the operator should not leave when the pile crane is hoisting the reinforcement cage; At the same time, the reinforcement cage shall not be deformed. When lifting, it shall not be pulled horizontally. The lifting ring must be welded firmly. After lifting, the reinforcement cage shall be vertically lowered; The lifting capacity of the pile driver shall be strictly controlled, and the barbaric construction shall not exceed the lifting capacity

13. The drilling site must pay attention to the smoothness of muddy water route, civilized construction and the electrical safety of electric equipment for towing

14. Hole collapse is most likely to cause safety accidents of bored piles, which can endanger the personal safety of operators and the safe use of surrounding pipelines and buildings in serious cases. Therefore, practical measures must be taken to strictly follow the relevant operating procedures. From the drilling rig to the completion of concrete pouring, continuous operation must be carried out at one go, without a long pause

15. Lightning arrester shall be installed for pile driver in thunderstorm season; In case of thunder and electricity, personnel must stay away from the pile driver; In case of severe weather such as heavy rain, snow and fog and strong wind above level 6, the operation shall be stopped. When the wind speed exceeds level 7 or there is a strong typhoon warning, the pile driver should be stopped downwind, and the wind rope should be added. If necessary, the pile frame should be placed on the ground

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