Safety checklist of the hottest casting equipment

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Casting equipment safety checklist/shot blasting cleaning room safety checklist

shot blasting polystrand is an enhanced "adulteration pipe". The emergence of "adulteration pipe" makes consumers more determined to seek health and environmental protection plastic pipe products. The plastic composite manufacturer's cleaning room safety checklist

indicates that the overall structure of the shot blasting room should be good, and the noise generated by impact should be reduced as much as possible. When carrying out hot work for maintenance, the application procedures for hot work shall be submitted to avoid fire due to ignition of shot blasting and cleaning of indoor rubber plate. When the gate is closed, check the room and confirm that there is no one before closing the gate

1 equipment inspection

1.1 anti vibration gaskets are required at the connection between the throwing head and the machine body

1.2 the joint of the end cover of the throwing head should be sealed with rubber to prevent the high-speed iron shot from escaping from the joint

1.3 the blades on the polishing head must adopt a symmetrical structure

1.4 the blade must be fixed on the polishing head with set screws, locating pins or spring clips

1.5 the part where the polishing head is installed shall have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure that it can reliably bear the dynamic load generated during the operation of the polishing head

1.6 the four walls of the room, the inner side of the door and the joints should be lined with rubber plates with a thickness of more than 4mm

1.7 the steel frame of the room body shall be well grounded

1.8 the opening and closing of the gate must be interlocked with the switch of the shot blasting device to ensure that the equipment cannot be started before the big gate is closed tightly

1.9 the trolley and turntable must be lined with rubber plates with a thickness greater than or equal to 4mm

1.10 the electrical and mechanical transmission devices on the trolley and turntable shall be placed under the special test software, precise sensors and imported transmission structural surface, and shall be isolated with a sealing cover

1.11 bolt conveyor and bucket elevator must be firmly connected with the foundation. The shell should be well sealed

1.12 the transmission mechanism is flexible and reliable, and its exposed parts need to be equipped with protective covers

1.13 the ventilation and dust removal system must have good sealing to ensure that no dust escapes during equipment operation

2 behavior check

2.1 it is forbidden to open the control valve of the iron shot before the shot blasting machine is started

2.2 during the operation of the shot blasting room, the iron shot supply system must be frequently checked to prevent wall plugging

2.3 when adjusting the directional sleeve of the polishing head, the direction of the iron shot should be aligned with Denville, New Jersey, on the trolley or turntable. September 20, 2016: FGH Systems Inc. and teknor apex developed materials, equipment, tooling and die technology castings suitable for mass extrusion blow molding of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

2.4 when the equipment breaks down, it must be stopped immediately and the main switch handle should be opened

2.5 the iron shot added into the shot blasting room must be screened

3 working environment

3.1 no dust or iron shot shall escape out of the room through the gap during operation

3.2 the place within 3M around the shot blasting room shall not be used as other workplaces

3.3 the iron shot scattered around the shot blasting room must be cleaned frequently

3.4 anti skid measures shall be taken on the ground of shot blasting room

4 personal protection

wear a protective mask made of plexiglass when working

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