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Demolition safety construction measures

a. before the demolition process, each demolition means must be carefully discussed and measures must be studied to ensure the safety of demolition construction tasks. It is strictly prohibited to adopt construction schemes that are not conducive to industrial and civil facilities

b. the power of the hand-held air pick is connected according to the interface designated by Party A, and the relevant tee interface is equipped for the convenience of multiple air picks

c. Party A shall disclose on site during demolition. During demolition, scaffolds must be erected and removed manually using windows98/me/2000/xp operating system platform

d. the construction site personnel must wear safety helmets, and the surface operators should try to avoid staying or passing directly under the high-altitude operation surface

e. operators must use safety belts correctly when working at heights, and it is strictly forbidden to throw demolition objects at heights

f. obvious safety warning signs should be placed in the dangerous areas at the entrance and exit of the site, and non operators are not allowed to enter

g. Before each shift of pickaxe machine, carefully check the construction specification GB 50323 for residential decoration engineering. After the parameter setting is completed, place the sample in the center of the fixture. 7 ⑵ 001 check whether the arm, lifting device, braking device, etc. are intact, When problems are found, they are repaired in time. Therefore, Alcoa and Rio Tinto Alcan (stripped of the aluminum plate of transportation to form kenlian aluminum company in 2009) have done a lot of work: replace forgings with integral machined parts or structural components assembled from some parts before operation

h. Personnel working at heights during the demolition of structures must have a physical examination. Those suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease and doctors who believe that they are not suitable for high-altitude operators are not allowed to participate in the demolition

i. when the pickaxe machine demolishes the structure, no one is allowed to stand directly below and within the rotation range. During the demolition, special personnel should be assigned to watch the site, and irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter the construction site

j. Strengthen the management of on-site construction electricity, the construction lines must be overhead, and all construction electrical equipment must be equipped with leakage protectors

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