Swan Lake First Nation teen excels at archery in M

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Swan Lake First Nation teen excels at archery in Manitoba as she connects with culture | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

In a sport usually dominated by men,?13-year-old Waasayah Munro-SoldierThe World Health Organization,?excels at archeryThe brazen thefts. NowThere are 1,052,539 confirmed cases in Canada., she’s set her sights on hunting?with a bow and arrow — something that will connect her to traditional Indigenous values and practices.

When Waasayah first heard about archery, the member of Swan Lake First Nation in Manitoba?says she didn’t realize it was an actual sport. She was initially intrigued by archery hunting videos that she saw online.

“When I was first thinking about archery, I guess I started growing into it, like naturally, and started getting into it more,” she said. “When I started learning archery, I guess I started connecting [with]?my ancestors, like when they shot bows and arrows, … made out of wood and made arrows out of sticks.”

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